用作品說話 | 丹麥椅子大師Hans J. Wegner (I)

一生打造超過五百張椅子,身兼建築師的Hans J. Wegner成長於二戰前後,一個資源匱乏的年代,因此不少作品都以卡榫、手工編織等手法製作。節約,但不等於美感退減;要玩,但要玩得嚴謹。Wegner的作品並非純天馬行空的創作,更主張的是將自由意念注入精準工藝之中。

Among Danish furniture designers, Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007) is considered one of the most creative, innovative, and prolific. Often referred to as the master of the chair, Wegner created almost 500 in his lifetime – many of them considered masterpieces. His iconic Wishbone Chair is probably the most well-known and has been in continuous production since 1950.

各款經典椅子巡禮 The Classic Chair Created by “the King of Chair”

Shell Chair微笑貝殼椅子

「一張椅子不應該有背面,應該從各個側面和角度看都是美觀的。」北歐椅子之父 Hans J. Wegner  的一番話並不意味著我們應該追求一張百分之百完美的椅子,而是我們在製作椅子的過程,不應該放棄任何細節。於1969年推出的 CH07 Shell Chair 好像更清楚大膽地展現 Wegner 對椅子設計的信念,彎曲的靠背和座椅設計,輕巧外觀像是漂浮般的貝殼。它由三根弓形的椅腿作框架支撐,椅腿由多層木單板疊層製成,從而形成了獨特而穩定的形狀。

A chair is to have no backside. It should be beautiful from all sides and angles.” said Hans J. Wegner, the “King of Chairs." Yet the CH07 Shell chair is clear evidence of Wegner’s belief, having a floating lightness achieved through its wing-like seat and curved backrest. The chair has a signature architectural feature held by a frame with three arched legs. The seating and backrest are created from an upholstered form-pressed veneer and veneer layering for the legs, resulting in a unique and stable form.

極簡經典The Elbow Chair

椅子的曲度和木材觸感不僅傳達最自然,美麗的木材紋理,也彰顯了Wegner對木材的熱愛以創造簡單實用,且可持續性的家具。The Elbow Chair 由一塊實木製成,以蒸壓彎曲合板而成的靠背可為肘部和背部提供支撐,以適應不同的坐姿。椅子以四個圓柱形的木腿支撐整個結構,前腿底部略呈錐形,頂部呈圓形以避免出現尖角。輕盈且貌似懸浮的座椅結構同樣以熱壓合板而成大大增加座椅的輕盈感和穩定性。

Produced in the modern age yet filled with the essence of classic design. The curvature of the Elbow chair and the touch of wood not only convey the most natural and beautiful grain of wood, it also  reveals Wegner's strong love for wood to create something  simple, functional and more important sustainable. Elbow chair crafted from a single piece of solid wood, the famous steam-bent backrest provides elbow and lower back support for variant sitting posture.

結合多元材質 CH88P 椅子

CH88P Chair 擁有鋼骨結構,配合稍稍往內微翹的木材椅背,簡約中帶點小細節,在這璀璨奪目的節日同樣能展現其耀眼特色。

Featuring an industrial steel frame and a wooden backrest, the CH88P Chairs can't wait to become intriguing masterpieces to sit in your festive dining area.

東方古典 X 西方簡約

CH24的椅背採用Y字型設計,讓背靠有著良好的支撐。Hans J. Wegner以中國明代圈椅作設計靈感,將東方古典融入西方極簡主義,扶手與椅背一體成形,肩胛骨貼合著椅背,而扶手剛可安放手肘,細膩的做工彰顯Wegner 對細節的追求。

More than 100 steps are required to manufacture each Wishbone Chair, most of which are carried out by hand. Think of CH24 Soft as a gentle counterpart to a Wishbone Chair with a brighter finish. The coating makes it easier to maintain the chair, keeping the timeless design looking even cleaner. Or maybe as a subtle contrast to Hans J. Wegner's CH327 dining table in soap-treated beech.



The creative and innovative mind of the legendary furniture designer Hans J. Wegner conceived the CH78 Mama Bear Chair in 1954. The iconic design is now reissued by Carl Hansen & Søn, as a tribute to the man often referred to as the master of the chair. A lesson in form and function, craftsmanship and courage, the CH78 Lounge Chair, affectionately known as the Mama Bear Chair, balances soft, supportive curves with dynamic geometric shapes.

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