室內外傢俬及燈飾 AW2020 II - Ferm Living Part 1

丹麥家具新世代,Ferm Living的一切由10款牆紙開始,主張生活本是由相異甚至對立的元素組成;以簡潔卻溫柔的大地色系、別具陳舊感的黃銅及黑化黃銅、卜竹玻璃及塗層鋼鐵為主要材料,設計精緻的飾品及容納自然的花盆等家居飾品;去年開始擴展至室內外傢俬及燈飾,務求讓你在Ferm Living找到一切所需。

Life is full of contrast. Welcome Home. The new era of Danish furnishing industry - Ferm Living stays in a natural form of aesthetics from the very beginning. Designs and concepts are based in all kinds of “contrasts”: brass & black brass, the extensive use of glass and powder coated metal, and of course, the earthy tone. They are expanding their collections over years, from 10 wallpapers, home accessories to currently furniture & lighting sectors.

品牌位於哥本哈根的中心Kuglegården 1-5,曾是丹麥軍隊的軍械庫,剛剛完成翻新在3 Days of Design正式投入服務。面積之大,樓上用作辦公空間,而接近5000尺的地面陳列室,也不過佔總面積的1/4;展示著品牌各式各樣的家品系列。在2020秋冬季節,推出的新系列大膽嘗試不少的雕刻般的線條及形態,同時延續品牌的獨有美學。

Ferm Living has just renovated their new brand house in the heart of Copenhagen at Kuglegården 1-5, the precious arsenal of Danish military is displaying their entire collections and some of the carefully selected vintage items at the 450m2 ground floor. On top of their signatures, sculptural lines and some unique artistic forms are added to their existing and exciting new series. Explore the AW2020 collections now.

The New Colour
Popular ones in larger size
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To pour a bit of optimism out of this hard time, Ferm Living comes with new colours and fabrics, like poppy red and calming cashmere to renew the textile and sofa collections.


The INSERT side table by Mario Tsai Studio is now extended to a larger coffee table. The geometrical oval and flat cylinder get together with several solid wooden cuboids as the center piece of your living room.
今年品牌新增了加大版本的不完美圓形 - Pond鏡子系列自推出以來甚受大家喜愛,流線型的大鏡子更是留不住,每每檢查時瞧一眼便要出貨。有空來到,進門瞧一眼掛在陳列室牆壁的中型Pond,也不妨也看看坐立桌面的小型Pond鏡子;以品牌的特色 - 黃銅製成的支撐或是邊框,甚是好看。

The imperfect circular - Pond Mirror Collection is now available in XL. The series has been one of our best sellers since the very beginning. The large one with a fluid and smooth line was too popular, which had never been kept in our warehouse for more than a day. Instead, we can only keep the medium one wall-mounted at the entrance and a small table version on the shelf. Mirror base and outline are made of Ferm Living’s signature - brass, which we highly suggested to spend a minute or two for the texture.

以藤編織而成的Braided Storage本來是為了小朋友設計,漸漸發現不少人喜歡放在玄關用來擺放鑰匙硬幣,系列也隨即由3種大小延伸至吊燈及新的巨型洗衣籃。

The mini apple and pear braided storage were originally designed for kids, while people prefer to place it at the foyer for keys and coins. The collection has been developed from 3 sized storage for kids, pendant lamp and further into the exquisite huge laundry basket.

或許可以在其他店鋪找到數件Ripple手工玻璃系列,但品牌的傢俬燈飾等全系列只能透過Establo預訂,暫且我們還是Ferm Living在香港的獨家授權代理商,可以幫你預訂任何來自Ferm Living的產品。產品價錢已包含正常運送及組裝,詳情請見我們的運輸細則

You may find Ferm Living’s signature glassware - Ripple Collection available elsewhere in Hong Kong, but anything else especially furniture and lighting can only be ordered through Establo - we are the only brand dealer of Ferm Living in Hong Kong (at the moment). Delivery & assembly are on us under normal circumstances, please check our Shipping & Handling policy for details.

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