20世紀西班牙的經典傢作 AW2020 III - Punt

北歐設計追溯至20世紀初,是由傢俱職人帶起的行業,因為急升的需求而轉成工業化的生產,當年的手工藝及木工技術也逐漸失傳。1980年左右丹麥傢俱步入停滯期,不少傢俱工坊被收購,那些將設計師家品大眾化的著名傢俱品牌如FDB Møbler也漸告一段落。

在全球經濟低迷的時候,Vicent Martinez於1980年在西班牙創立了 Punt Mobles,他設計的La Literatura系列也在97年被奠定為20世紀西班牙的經典傢作。
Back in the early and middle of 1900s, the cabinet makers spent quite some time working with product designers and took the lead of the Scandinavia furniture industry. Driven by the blooming public demand for furnishings, hand-crafts and wood making craftsmanship were then gradually lost under modern industrialization in the late 1900s. Most of the cabinet workshops were either acquired or closed, while those well-known furnishing brands like FDB Møbler, who brought professionally crafted furniture to the public were also shut down permanently.

On the other side of the globe, Punt Mobles was established in 1980 by Vicent Martinez under global economic recession. Vicent was the founder of Punt as well as the author of La Literatura Collection, which was recognised as the Spanish design classic and icon in the 20th century.

La Literatura算是Punt的靈魂代表作,是屬於地中海的巧妙兼容、美好及熱情。由全木、鋼鐵至加入金屬邊框的可移動書架/收納系列,當初是為書籍量多及影音實體碟的收藏家而設;而本來只用於Mitis桌/Malmo收納的透明茶色玻璃,則解決了開放式收納容易封塵的情況;擺放想要牢記的相片飾物,透光下似是一幀帶懷舊濾鏡的照片,為La Literatura添置一份優雅。

Basically, La Literatura collection is the soul of Punt in terms of versatility, aesthetic and passion from the Mediterranean Sea. The collection of distinctive bookcases on castors was once designed for thousands of books, appliances and or decorations. The newly launched display shelf is made with smoked glass doors - the stunning material that was limited to the Mitis Table or the Malmo Cabinet collection. Light passes through the glass doors and acts like a film camera to capture your precious and unforgettable moments with a reminiscent filter without leaving them in the air and covered with dust throughout the years.

「想要香檳色但不太金、也不要黃/奢華但不要閃、也不要俗」- 低調的金屬色盤或許只此一家。跟STOCKHOLM系列的收納櫃一樣,邊角稍微磨圓,不小心撞到也不會太痛;採用往內彎曲的金屬邊點綴全木板的Stockholm Table,倒是令帶點厚度並傾斜的檯底,配合「厊位」的T字檯腳時顯得乾脆俐落。兩邊的主席座也不怕頂腳,可自行組合但最短兩米,較適合寬敞的空間,會議室、辦公室用很不錯。

“Neither gold or yellowish but Champagne, Neither shiny or inferior but luxury”, some requested. Punt should be the ideal palette, if you’re looking for low-key and less saturated colours with aluminum finishing. Developed from the delicate Stockholm sideboard collection, the Stockholm table comes with inward bending aluminum plates in slightly rounded wooden edges. Some may say, “tables look bulky with T-shaped bases.” The anodi-zed aluminium plates and noble woods lifted it neat and sturdy. Stockholm Table is designed to be tailor-made from 2M long, relatively large for a small interior, but probably just right for conference rooms and offices.

北歐設計由快速攀升的黃金期到停滯期也不過是半個世紀,到90年代末透過大型傢俱展覽再次備受肯定,許多黃金期的設計也逐漸恢復遺族授權而復刻製作。轉眼來到現代設計,Norm Architects算是丹麥著名的工作室,不論建築、室內、攝影、品牌行銷還是藝術指導,但凡跟設計有關的都可以在這裡進行。

他們的工作室座落於哥本哈根最古舊的街道之一,就在丹麥國立博物館跟Christiansborg Palace旁邊;折衷也自然而然地融入在設計當中,在傳統的型態氛圍下獲得啟發從而因應現代條件創作適合的設計;他們遵從著由50年代定義下來的北歐設計基本原則,定期配合Menu進行設計,以極簡新穎的方式呈現設計的本質 - 機能實用、美學和歷久不衰。

Scandinavian Designs went straight to the Golden Age in the 1930s, the peak in the 1950s and things stagnated until the 1990s. From the 2000s, a number of masterpieces and iconic designs were authorized from the official licensee to carry on production.

Talking about modern designs, the Norm Architects group is known as a design all-rounders. From architecture, interior, photography, branding to art direction, every discipline is deeply rooted in the Scandinacian design principles. Their studio is located at one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen, right next to the National Danish Museum and Christiansborg Palace. Eclecticism has been one of their approaches in respecting, learning from traditions and creating something completely new in the modern century.

Based on functionality, aesthetics and timelessness, Norm Architects collaborate with Menu regularly. Driven by the “Scandinavian design Movement”, they live the simplicity and minimalism to all kinds of living goods and further interior and architecture in the modern touch of restraint and refinement.

接下來的是Chicago Sideboard是由Norm Architect配合西班牙Punt的條件/主題而進行設計的,而充滿文化藝術歷史的西班牙正是在歐洲最大的現代傢俱生產國之一。

Coming Next… Chicago Sideboard is the latest launch in Punt, which Norm Architects takes the role of designer to collaborate with Punt from one of the largest Europe Manufacturing Countries - Spain.

或許跟世界上第一幅透視圖【聖三位一體】的最下端有點相像,Chicago Sideboard是參照中世紀通透及重疊的元素,結合現代建築的常用懸空/架空層而成。為了讓陽光好好照進室內,現代的收納因為尺寸透光的問題大多靠牆擺放;而Chicago Sideboard則以銅色玻璃門/木門、懸起的大理石面、鋼鐵條支撐及對稱的木製櫃體組成;高度剛好比餐桌高一點,結合通風透氣的架空層,放在窗邊也剛好不會阻擋陽光,能好好減低室內因不透光而過於潮濕機會。

When we first see the design, the world’s first Perspective - The Holy Trinity pops up in mind. Taking unblocked and repetitive elements from the mid-century buildings, Chicago Sideboard is designed with an empty space, which is a common architectural structure in the modern era. The extended marble top is elevated by solid steel construction and floated on top of the symmetric wooden cabinet with bronze glass cabinet doors. With empty space in between and height slightly higher than a normal dining table, the cabinet can be placed along the windows without blocking natural light or indoor ventilation.


Stay tuned for the next AW2020 IV and the difference among modern manufacturers, furniture workshops, authorisation and official licensee.

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