Winter Sale | Up to 90% OFF

Winter Sale | Up to 90% OFF

Can Lounge Sofa

Designed by French Duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for HAY, the intention of Can Sofa is to reinvigorate the whole idea of the sofa, make something simple to buy with different combinations of color, from something inherently complicated to something simple, relaxed and accessible. Can sofa be a creation of a practical, elegant and comfortable design.

法國設計二人組Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec為丹麥設計品牌Hay設計的Can沙發系列,設計師曾透露Can的設計用意是希望改變一眾用家對沙發笨重的印象,設計出可讓用家自行組裝、且有客制化選擇的沙發。CAN設計優雅,結構可完全拆解為椅架,椅套與坐墊三部分更方便攜帶,搬家時再也不必為笨重的沙發所困擾。

Was: HKD24,390 / Now: HKD17,073 (one-seater, display)



The FLAT chair is designed by Mario Ruiz for GANDIA BLASCO. The structure is made from welded thermo-lacquered aluminum sections and fully recyclable polyethylene, its airy structure created a contemporary and organic design which plays an important part naturally combine functionality and aesthetics with elegance.

Flat Chair 是設計師Mario Ruiz為西班牙户外家具品牌 Gandia Blasco 設計的一款戶外多功能椅子。椅子以鋁材和可回收的物料組合營造製成構,它輕盈通風的結構打造它有機的線條和現代感,自然地將功能性和美學優雅地結合在一起。

Was: HKD8,000up / Now: HKD800 (display)


Whiskey Chair by PUNT

Stackable timber chair designed by Terence Woodgate for Punt. They wanted to design a stacking chair, which did not look obviously like a stacking chair, whiskey is a stackable chair with ergonomic chair-back and upholstered seat providing comfort and style in any interior space.

由Terence Woodgate為Punt設計可堆疊的Whiskey木椅。Whiskey看起來不像常見的堆疊椅,但它確實是可以堆疊在一起的餐椅。它符合人體工程學的椅背和軟墊座椅,不但易於收納在任何室內空間,亦能提供時尚簡約的樣子和舒適感。

 Was: HKD6,650 each / Now: HKD6,650 for 4pcs


Surf Race Rug by GAN

Alejandra Gandía-Blasco designed a collection of modern rugs inspired by surfboards for GAN Rugs. This is an aerodynamic concept design, also a passion for adventure. 100% Made of hand-tufted cotton.

西班牙品牌GAN一向著重傳統手織工藝技術,由Alejandra Gandía-Blasco設計的Surf 地毯帶著衝浪板的造型,設計概念背後是充滿對空氣動力學,冒險的熱情。 Surf 地毯100% 由手工簇絨棉製成。

Was: HKD4,800 each / Now: HKD480


Vegetal Chair by Vitra

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra in 2004. Vegetal is a chair Taking inspiration from plants and nature, the Vegetal chair features branch-like structures that form a slightly irregular seating shell. It is made from 100% recyclable polyamide, flexible use in a variety of settings and suitable for both indoor or outdoor. 

由 Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec為瑞士經典家具品牌Vitra公司設計的Vegetal 椅子,從植物和自然中汲取靈感,採用枝狀結構交織堆疊形成略微不規則的椅背設計。 它由100%可回收的聚酰胺製成,可在室內或室外各種環境中靈活使用。


Bandas Single Rug by GAN

Craftsmanship is the essence of GAN. By optimizing traditional craftsmanship by existing techniques to convey the value of handmade objects. Bandas, created by Patricia Urquiola for GAN, started off with the creation of long rugs like bands or stripes, embroidered by hand by craftswomen in India. Bandas is an ingenious system allows the collection to be adapted to any space, any personality and any mood. 

西班牙品牌GAN著重傳統手織工藝,以現有技術優化那些傳統的工藝,希望把手工製作的物品價值藉計師提供的創造力傳遞。由Patricia Urquiola為GAN創作的Bandas地毯由印度當地的婦人以傳統手織工藝編織而成,色彩繽紛的Bandas有不同的編織圖案,配合不同的個性和心情適用於不同的空間。


Collage 450/600 Lamp by Louis Poulsen

The Collage pendant designed by designed by Louise Campbell, it was displayed for the first time at an exhibition in 2004 along with others 15 other experimental light prototypes presenting new ways to interpret light. The Collage pendant was designed to replicate the uncontrollable daylight seen in nature with multi-layers and patterns.

這款Collage吊燈由Louise Campbell 設計,於2004年首次亮相於一個以實驗性燈具設計的原
型展覽。 Collage旨在模仿自然界中的日光,以多層的雕花飾紋圖案皇新演繹固有的光線,帶來不一樣的燈具設計。


Herman Cafe Table by Ferm Living

Since 2015 ferm LIVING and Herman Studio have been working together in the creation of beautiful furniture that balances a contemporary expression and classic touches of mid-century design. Herman table is simple yet elegant design that fits into every setting.

自2015年以來,ferm LIVING和Herman Studio便一直合作致力創造美麗的家具,帶來一種平衡當代和中世紀設計的經典風格。當中合作推出的這款Herman咖啡桌造型清晰輪廓優雅,它俐落的線條讓咖啡桌更具現代感,營造出身處於咖啡館的悠閒時光。

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