Fabricating the Catena Modular Sofa

Catena collection is comprised of various modules that can be combined to create the ideal sofa for your home. It is part of our Made to Order concept, which means that you can choose the ideal upholstery from a large selection of fabrics to suit your personal style.
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Each Catena Sofa module is made individually per order by the talented craftsmen and women working at an Italian factory in the Veneto Region, which has been specialising in creating craft-quality upholstery with locally sourced components since 2008.

The process of producing the Catena Sofa begins when the factory receives a purchase order for a specific module. They receive the wooden frame for the desired module from a local Italian supplier. This wooden frame comprises the structure of the final module.
ferm living, catena modular sofa, scandinavian home,

When the number of orders is particularly high, the factory receives the frame assembled and padded, but most of the time, the artisans handle this part of the process themselves. After assembly, the finest microcellular foam is glued onto the frame by hand, enabling the craftsman or woman to make certain that that the module will have just the right shape.
ferm living, catena modular sofa, scandinavian home,

The inner part of the foam is firmer for durability, while the outer layer is softer, ensuring that the finished sofa will be plush and comfortable. In the end, a layer of white fabric is pulled tightly over the foam, making it easier for the upholsterer to add the desired fabric to the module and ensuring a sleek and smooth final result.
ferm living, catena modular sofa, scandinavian home,

After the foam has been added, the artisans purchase the fabric chosen for that specific module. ferm LIVING has a large selection of textiles that have been hand-picked in close collaboration with ferm LIVING’s Design and Product Management teams, most of which are also produced Italy, but can also come from Spain or Norway.
ferm living, catena modular sofa, scandinavian home,

The first step in the upholstery process is to cut the chosen fabric. This is done by a machine to optimise the process and limit fabric waste. When the fabric has been cut, it is sewn together by the hands of skilled craftsmen or women, ensuring that the final product has a detailed expression complete with intricate top-stitched seams that resemble the catenary curve which also inspired the name for the Catena Sofa.
ferm living, catena modular sofa, scandinavian home,

After the sewing process, the sofa component is ready to be upholstered by hand. One of the trained artisans meticulously fit the selected fabric onto the module and secure it with a staple gun, resulting in a sleek and elegant expression.

After being upholstered, the custom Catena module is ready to be packed and shipped from Italy to its final destination, where it will enable you to create a space that suits your personal style and where you can feel comfortably you.
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