Dining Tables | Sofa & Lounge

Dining Tables | Sofa & Lounge

After numerous feasts and parties to celebrate the Lunar New Year, why not considering an update to the living spaces for a new ambience for the next fun gatherings with friends and family? Take the chance to view some new dining tables’ designs and explore more now.

豬年快樂! 節日盛宴與派對過後,不妨更新一下生活空間,為下一次熱鬧聚會預備一個全新的氛圍-在此介紹部分新款餐桌,按這裡瀏覽了解更多並選出最合心的產品啦。 


Crossing by Punt

Crossing Dining Table is part of the collection that made up with both tables and side tables. All of them possesses sculptural legs that pass through the table top and expose an exclusive joint detail.

Designed by Arik Levy

Crossing 系列除這裡所見的餐桌之外,同時亦備有邊桌及茶几尺寸可供選擇。系列裡全部產品均有著如雕刻般的桌腳,而桌腳巧妙的嵌在桌面水平,形成別緻的接合細節。

設計者:Arik Levy


Mezcla JH22

Mezcla JH22 by &tradition

Mezcla is the Spanish word for "mixture", and it’s this idea of mixing people, ideas and elements that lies at the core of Mezcla JH22. While it captures the essence of people coming together around the table, the design itself has mixed a number of exclusive materials that communicate with each other.

Designed by Jaime Hayon

Mezcla 是西班牙語中「混合」的意思,以此字命名的 Mezcla JH22 除推祟人們在桌子上交流各自的意見與情感外,其設計也採用了不同材質,無瑕地混和、配搭在一起。

設計者:Jaime Hayon


Triangle Leg Table

Triangle Leg Table by HAY

The Triangle Leg Table is designed with the aim to create more space around a circular table - the rectangular ends of the tabletop have been rounded to create a sociable setting that maximizes seating numbers around the table, encouraging more intimate interactions between people.

Designed by Simon Jones

設計者希望創作出一張擁有更多空間感的餐桌而設計出 Triangle Leg Table - 即使是長方形的桌面也配有弧度的桌邊,讓本來平凡的餐桌能同時容納更多用家,更鼓勵使用者之間的交流。

設計者:Simon Jones



Naervaer by &tradition

Naervaer is the Danish word for "presence", which is the concept at heart of this minimal table that invites you to be present. Whether connecting over a conversation or a cosy meal, it’s all about being intimate and in the moment.

Designed by Norm.Architects

Naervaer 是丹麥語,意指「存在」- 這正是系列的設計核心:邀請人們圍在桌旁,享用一頓飯又或是展開一場對話,感受只屬於彼此、當下的親密時刻。


Pyramid Table

Pyramid Table by HAY

Originally designed in the 1950s, HAY has relaunched the Pyramid Table which features a steel-sheet base with a rectangular oak tabletop. Designed to be functional, light and strong, the table is suitable for using in a wide range of public and private environments.

Designed by Wim Rietveld

HAY 源於 1950 年代的設計,重新推出擁有鋼板底座及長方形橡木桌面的 Pyramid Table 系列。著重功能性、外型輕巧卻結實的它能靈活應用於大小公共及私人空間之中。

設計者:Wim Rietveld

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