Dining Tables, Sofas & Lounges

Dining Tables, Sofas & Lounges

Create a timeless & sophisticated living space to amaze yourself & your guests with classic or contemporary designs as the centre-pieces! See some of our highlights and click here to explore even more.



Transalpina by Punt

An original extendable table designed so the legs remain at the ends whether it is open or closed - the extension leaf is stored on the underside of the table when it is closed. Available in both extendable & non-extendable versions.

Designed by CuldeSac

Transalpina 本是一張延伸餐桌,延伸部分於合上時貯藏在桌面的下方,只需輕輕抬起,便可提出延伸部分。特別之處在於不論是延伸或合上時,桌腳均安然的維持在桌邊位置。系列亦同時備有非延伸版本可供選擇,切合不同用家需要。




Dapper by HAY

Originally designed for use in a London university, Dapper has an extra wide backrest for comfort and optimal elbow support for laptop work, making this structural lounge chair fit to be used in various private and public environments.

Designed by Doshi Levien

原為一所位於倫敦的大學所設計的 Dapper 休閒椅,有著寬敞的椅背和理想的手肘承托,使其能廣泛應用在不同場合之中。

設計者:Doshi Levien



Develius by &tradition

Comprised of 16 different modular sofa components, Develius allows users to arrange them to form a very personal sofa - Create a cosy corner in a private space, a lavish lounge area in a workplace, or a love seat for two - the possibilities of Develius are almost endless.

Designed by Edward van Vliet

共有 16 個不同模組設計的 Develius 令用家能按照自己的喜好,組成一張專屬的梳化或單獨作休閒椅使用-不妨以 Develius 創造一個舒適的私人空間、工作室裡的休閒區,或者情侶廂座吧。

設計者:Edward van Vliet


Connect Modular Sofa System

Connect Modular Sofa System by Muuto

Customize the sofa for one's own living space while having a timeless, Scandinavian look. Connect Modular Sofa System is an ultra-comfortable and plush-looking sofa series that will bring coziness to every interior.

Designed by Anderssen & Voll

同樣是採用模組式設計的 Connect 梳化系統由外到內都令人感到無比舒適,用家在享受這種寫意感的同時,亦為生活空間添上一絲不朽北歐氣氛。

設計者:Anderssen & Voll


Panton Bachelor

Panton Bachelor by Montana

An iconic design by Verner Panton in 1955, Panton Bachelor Lounge is designed to easily move around without compromising the comfort of the seat. With its minimalist style, it effortlessly harmonize with any indoor and outdoor settings.

Designed by Verner Panton

Panton Bachelor 休閒椅源自設計大師 Verner Panton 於 1955 年的標誌性設計,其簡約輕便的外型使其能輕易於不同空間遊走時,仍可給予用家舒服的體驗。設計能應用於室內及室外場所,令 Panton Bachelor 靈活性更高。

設計者:Verner Panton


Aalto Table

Aalto Table by Artek

Whether used for dining, working, or playing, the Aalto Table retains its character in a relaxed familiarity, moving naturally between public and private spheres. Made in Finnish birch, it boasts a natural beauty and will age gracefully over time. Available in various size, extendable and non-extendable versions.

Designed by Alvar Aalto

具不同呎吋、備有延伸及非延伸版本的 Aalto Table 能於多個場合使用-無論是用餐、辦工、玩樂或聚會,它也可作為一張理想的桌子。以芬蘭樺木為製作素材令它充滿自然美感,亦會隨時間變得更為典雅,別具氣派。

設計者:Alvar Aalto

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