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Nothing new, nothing exciting. We are making use of a new platform to consolidate our interior design, styling and renovation projects over the years. In the meanwhile, our group logo is now updated with round edges and organised design proportions.
“furniture” is added to our latest logo in the font “Cabin”. We wonder if you could recognise that Cabin has been our signature font since website renovation in March 2021. A touch of modernism, Cabin was inspired by the two typefaces, Johnston and Gill Sans, that unified signages and transmitted official information all over the UK railway network. Designed by Pablo Impallari, Cabin is curated as a humanist sans with its contemporary proportion, optical adjustments and being true to its roots to make designs easily identifiable without missing its mission to deliver important information. Also, being an alternative to commonly used Open Sans.
Open Sans
Our interior design, styling and renovation logo comes with “interior” at the bottom right-hand corner in the font “Open Sans” and blogs are to be read in “Neue Helvetica” on establodesign.com. 
Open Sans Neue Helvetica

Apart from readability and aesthetics, the two essences of our project portfolio website, the new fonts should not be too far away from “Cabin” our eshop and brand font. Another two sans serif typefaces, “Open Sans”’ by Steve Mateson from 2011 and “Neue Helvetica” from the mid-century modern are then curated with their good legibility and adaptability on all devices in addition to the ground of being clean, simple and friendly in a neutral state.

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