About Our Interior Styling Service 空間設計傢俱搭配服務



1/ 初次見面,我們希望了解你的生活習慣及機能需要,討論各種提案,再一同在陳列室挑選提案中合適的顏色、布料材質;請先告訴我們預計入夥、裝修完成日期,並帶同家居平面圖,讓我們在一星期內將初始定案發送給你。

2/ 確定部分訂金後,我們將會到你的家中丈量,確保規範精準讓木工訂做臥室衣櫃及床;並提供3D模擬圖,讓你預先看到燈飾到傢俱的搭配樣貌,前期約一個半月敲定最後方案。

3/ 銷售確認書將會發出與你再次確定每一款傢品大小及布料顏色,正式確認後將無法修改。全部訂金確定收取後,訂單將會發送至廠商。傢品製作需時,希望您能耐心等候;完成出廠後,同事將會安排運送及組裝日子。

4/ 傢品送抵當日,同事將一同到達為您佈置、組裝及安裝傢品,讓您好好迎接家中新的一員,期待您的分享 #establohk

提案的前期討論包括丈量及3D設計模擬圖均需先付設計費用,約一個半月完成並敲定最後方案及整體費用,連同運輸及室內設置需時約三個月,立即聯絡Establo 。

Residential Project Reference: 華景園 Grand Garden, and more
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We , humans are the core of a home.  To create somewhere to enjoy your life, every single colour, fabric and material are to be carefully curated. Our furnishing solutions follow our core and we are here to get everything ready within your budget and schedule. Literally the entire home, living room, dining room and bedroom are included. Choose your solution, preview through rendering, wait patiently and welcome your new family member.

1. Select and Meet
Get ready with your basic floor plan, expected move-in date and any related information that you love to share. In our first meeting, we would love to understand your living habits and basic needs. We will assist you to sort out your ideal solution with material samples among several quick options. Furnishing layout plan will then be initialized within a week for further discussion.

2. Preview and Finalize
To ensure the accuracy, on-site measurements and assessments will be arranged after a confirmed layout plan with partial payment processed. We will then render an one-off 3D model for your preview and finalization of finishes for living room, dining room and bedroom. All the above can be controlled within one and a half month with your kind co-operation.

3. Order and Confirm
Sales confirmation will be issued to ensure the accuracy of every detail, changes are not allowed to be made after confirmation is signed. We will place your order to our suppliers after full payment is processed. Good furniture takes time to manufacture, please kindly wait with patience. Delivery and installation schedule will be arranged once information is available.

4. Receive & Enjoy
Our team will be there on the day(s) of delivery for furnishings setting, built-in furniture installation and assembly. We would love to enjoy and share your happiness at #establohk

On-site measurements and 3D rendering are counted in the former stages of the furnishing solutions after design fees are paid. Everything will be finalized at around one and a half month. Delivery and interior settlement takes around 3 months in total, start your journey into the world of Scandinavian design now.

Residential Project Reference: Grand Garden, and more
Instagram Guide @establo_lifestyle
Photos from our clients and logistic team


Photo, Text Credit: Establo Lifestyle