Establo’s Exclusive | 開業至今的獨家代理 現代的乾淨利落 Punt

Punt Mobles, commonly known as Punt, is an Establo’s exclusive brand that began in Valencia in Spain back in 1980. Punt produces designer furniture for the home and office use that designed with creativity and functionality to enrich the daily life. Discover what Punt offers with some of our selections below to create infinite possibilities at your interiors!

Punt Mobles,亦即 Punt,是來自西班牙、由 Establo 獨家代理的家具品牌。由 1980 年成立至今,Punt 一直與設計師合作去開發出富有創意、功能性強而華麗美觀的現代家具,以豐富日常生活的氣息。先看看我們所精選的儲物、茶几及椅子產品,發現 Punt 能帶給你的無限配搭可能吧!

Literatura Open, puntmobles, storage system, furniture

Literatura Open

A collection of mobile bookcases, bookcases, sideboards and TV benches designed by Vicent Martinez. With distinctive bookcases on casters and fixed shelves base on adjustable feet, it can be used in holding containers or as room partitions.

Vicent Martinez 設計的 Literatura Open 能作為流動式書櫃及電視櫃使用,加上可隨意調較高度的擱板與滑輪設計,適用於用家不同的置物需求,在有限空間中帶來更大的收納空間。


Gin sofa, storage system, modern furniture


Designed by Terence Woodgate, Gin is a series of modular sofa seating units with various configurations that are suitable to fit in both workplace and at home.

由 Terence Woodgate 設計的 Gin 是一系列的組合梳化單位,可獨立使用,亦可組合而成一張多座位的梳化。Gin 的多變、自由,使它能活用在辦公室或家中客廳的每個角落。


Mava chair, dining and meeting chair, modern furniture


Mava is a wooden armchair designed by Stephanie Jasny, in which she combines a strong structure with a light appearance to create this basic and solid chair for interiors.

Mava 由設計師 Stephanie Jasny 設計,為一張木製的扶手椅,硬朗結實之中亦有著弧線型椅背設計,令其不失輕盈感,在不同的室內場合均能派上用場


Stockholm storage sideboard cabinet, puntmobles


Winner of the Red Dot 2015 Award, Stockholm designed by Mario Ruiz is a collection of sideboards, chests of drawers and TV benches, with a signature aluminium finish on the top surface. Stockholm allows users to find the most feasible storage unit for their daily lives.

擁有標誌性鍍鋁櫃面、由設計師 Mario Ruiz 設計的 Stockholm 曾獲 2015 年的 Red Dot Award。備有不同款式的擱板、櫃組和電視櫃,供用家打造出最貼近自己生活需要的儲物系統。


Breda coffee table, puntmobles, modern furniture


Designed by Borja Garcia, Breda is a series of small-sized tables in a Scandinavian style, solid wood finishes and textured surfaces, with carved top to achieve a slightly concave surface along its perimeter.

設計師 Borja Garcia 設計的 Breda 為一系列圓面、方面及長方面的茶几。稍作刻劃的桌面為邊緣加添了一絲立體感,其簡約的線條也呈現出北歐風格。


Whiskey Chair


Designed by Terence Woodgate, Whiskey is equipped with a very ergonomic chair-back and upholstered seat, providing comfort and style to users in every atmosphere.

由 Terence Woodgate 設計的 Whiskey 備有附合人體工學的椅背,加上座位的包布設計,為用家帶來無比舒適的使用體驗。


ELX Coat Rack, puntmobles


Designed by Vicent Martinez, ELX is a series of coat racks that comes in a single hanger or vertical rack that could be fixed to the wall, matching the style and needs of different rooms.

Vicent Martinez 設計的 ELX 掛勾為懸牆設計,系列除直身長型的設計外,亦有個別單獨掛勾供選擇,配合不同空間與運用的需要。

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