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“Life is full of contrast."

"We long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy."

Ferm Living, Pouf Round, Herman chair, Mingle Dining Table, VL45 Louis Poulsen Pendant Lamp

Copenhagen-based ferm LIVING is famous for its refined home accessories and is now expanding to more NEW furniture collections. For the sake of striking a perfect balance in ideal living environment, ferm LIVING is long for balancing contrasts of life in terms of simplicity and form of superlative.

來自哥本哈根的 ferm LIVING,以精緻的家具飾品著名。近年來為了打造完整平衡的理想家居生活,推出了多款新的傢俬系列,解決空間的矛盾,讓生活過得簡單而有質感,達到理想的平衡。


Arum Table Lamp, Distinct Side Table, Ferm Living
Ferm Living Distinct Side Table

Distinct Side Table

Distinct Side Table is a new artistic complex simplicity in recalling the abstract Neoplasticism. Accentuating the overall richness of textures and colours, the minimalist construction creates great contrast of the composition. Expressing Japanese minimalism based on single durable element - acrylic stone, The Distinct Side Table has been the merge of both complication and simplicity.

富有藝術性的Distinct Side Table將複雜的結構簡單化,使人聯想到荷蘭的抽象派新造形主義。設計靈感來自於日系極簡風格,採用純人造石製成,主要為淺玉佩色及淺紅色,石頭的紋理亦隱約可見。


Ferm Living, Herman chair

Herman Chair

The Herman Chair holds you for hours in comfort with its classic Dark Rose color. Slightly upward edges of the oval shaped seat comes alongside the backrest by its black powder coated metal frame. The chair has stacks of elegance with its lightweight that can be easily hung on table for cleaning floor underneath. 

Herman Chair的雅緻在於細節,搭配溫柔優雅的深玫瑰色,橢圓形的座位及稍彎曲的靠背由黑色塗層的金屬框架支撐,結合微微向上的椅子邊緣適合長時間久坐。輕巧的Herman Chair更可放上桌子方便清潔整理。


Mingle Table, Pouf Round, Ferm Living

Pouf Round - Beige

Pouf Round comes in two levels in the form of fantastic geometry and exclusive simplicity. Modernity and comfort together forms by the distinctive rounded lines shape. High-quality faded velvet emphasises durability of the seat in an organic expression for your home. Beige as the brightest colour fits in everywhere with its softness and sturdiness, more colours are available.

圓形的Pouf Round以幾何曲線強調現代設計感與舒適感,堅固耐用;採用柔軟的優質淡色天鵝絨,突顯出其與眾不同的簡樸高雅。多種顏色中,最明亮的Beige米色為輕鬆融合各種色彩風格各異的家居空間。


Ferm Living, Mingle Table, Herman Stool

Mingle Table Top Round Ø130

 Mingle Table Top is made of oak veneer with MDF core in its perfect balance with trestles. Distinctive colours and textures combinations are created as requested, which comes with metallic or metal legs for its modernity and wooden table legs for its natural form. Natural Oak with metallic legs are one of the most dazzling compositions, given the modishness of its slim table legs and elegance of colour selection. 


Mingle Table Top採用橡木飾面配合纖維板為重心,並以金屬或含金屬支架作平衡,備有多種顏色紋理,以配合不同家居對於設計的現代感及柔和自然感的要求。其中最亮眼的是自然橡木色加上含金屬的支架的搭配,時尚的幼細桌腳配合溫和的淺木色為大多數人的不二之選。

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