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曾有客人帶著小朋友前來Establo Lifestyle Store,小朋友只要認出水果動物的圖案,便雀躍地大喊它們的名字!

Some may say childhood is the most carefree moment ever. No matter turning back the clock for reminiscence or keep the memories for your children, the follow Fruiticana series and sets by Ferm Living can be one of the ways to share your joy and slow down evanescing the happiest moments in life.

也許一輩子最無憂無慮的時光便是童年,Ferm Living推出了一系列以水果及各種簡單圖案為中心的用品;讓大家重拾兒時回憶也好,使小朋友擁有簡單快樂的回憶亦好,創造出趣味盎然,童心再現的小角落與空間。

“Make of the box what you wish it to become with plenty of room to show who your family is. “

Kids Memory Box - The Beginning of my life

Documenting your lovely first memories together with Ferm Living in concepts of freedom and personality.  Growing up is a fantasy to remember with provided little boxes, envelopes, cotton bags and notecards, which Kids Memory Box helps you to record every single bittersweet from your children’s birth.

每一小步的成長階段都值得好好珍藏,Kids Memory Box以自由及個性為概念,備有多個小盒子、信封、布袋及卡片,顧名思義讓你仔細紀錄小朋友從出生開始的大小瑣事。

Pear Braided Storage

Fill up the fruity Pear Braided Storage with teddy bears, blankets and toys as part of the little friends’ universe playfully. The product made up of braided rattan, please wipe with a camp cloth.

外型調皮的Pear Braided Storage恰好地融合小朋友的臥室,將各種熊公仔、棉被及玩具收納得整整齊齊,而完美地存在於他們的小宇宙。

Fruiticana Tufted Rug

Fruiticana Tufted Rug series is made up of 100% tufted New Zealand wool in front and pure cotton at the back. Including pineapple and strawberries motif, the lovely soft rug let you walk on sand beaches by bare feet alongside the tropical island.

Fruiticana系列的地毯,正面以新西蘭純羊毛製成,背面則為純棉;縫上的水果圖案除了菠蘿,還有士多啤梨,比想像中柔軟的Fruiticana Tufted Rug讓你置身於細軟的沙灘上來回散步。

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