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Some of the endless home accessories under Ferm Living made up of natural materials, which are exactly green enthralling artworks in terms of their sturdy but delicate natural spirit.

Ferm Living 數之不盡的家用飾品當中,大部份設計原料均選以天然材材質製成,配合北歐簡約俐落的設計風格,使空間增添樸素的原始感,更接近大自然。

ferm living alza bowl, marble organiser, table organiser, office

Giving a brand new expression of bowl, Alza Bowl is designed to be upraised giving the sense of contrast by holding the bowl in air with its heavy Indian Selvara marble. Black marble is also available. Please wipe it with damp cloth or clean with soft sponge and mild detergent for cleaning.  


Alza Bowl 與一般經典的碗盤不同,採用印度Selvara大理石製成,其架空盤子的設計和沉實的色彩形成完美的對比,輕重並行。清潔時,可沾濕毛巾或使用柔軟的海綿及溫和的清潔劑輕拭。

ferm living forest tray, brass and black brass material, with napkin ring on top

Forest series is inspired by nature made up of solid cast brass. Given that nuts shape as the core design of the Forest Tray, still-life are depicting by the natural lines from bottom. This is for decorative purposes without approval of placing food. As a natural material, please handle the fragile surface with care by dry cloth wiping and patination is normal over time.

由實心黃銅鑄造的 Forest系列以大自然的靜態植物為靈感,其果仁形狀的自然線條,為生活裝飾一點自然與休閒。Forest Tray為家用裝飾品,未經試驗作放置食物之用。產品表面較易受損害,請小心輕放及使用乾布輕拭;如經長時間擺放,生鏽屬正常情況。



sekki bowl, salt jar, tableware, kitchenware, ferm living, stoneware

Sekki Bowl is inspired by the Japanese ceramic heritage, given that it is made up of unglazed solid dyed stoneware, colours are relatively gloomy with careful selection of historical sense. On top of that, floating foot gives sculptural sense of elegance in modern touch. Putting Sekki in dishwasher is safe for caring and cleansing. 





tomo kitchen tools, kitchenware, tableware, wooden accessories, home accessories, ferm living

The stylish classic Tomo Kitchen Tools set is made up of carbonised ash wood, given the attention to small details, utensils are rolled up in cotton with leather lace. Dark colour and natural structures are kept during carbonisation to maintain Tomo’s classic. Please hand wash the Tomo and do not put into dishwasher.



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