Fiber Collection - Immerse into the close loop of nature


為了讓人處於放鬆的狀態下專注眼前,丹麥設計師 Aleksej Iskos 及 Boris Berlin從取材至外型花盡心思;啞光的表面的座位由25%木質纖維及 75%塑膠組成,仔細觀察每件成品均帶著特殊紋路,配合Muuto獨有的調色盤更顯溫和。

有著多款木/鋼鐵的凳腳及布料皮質自由組合,是吧台前的吧凳、飯廳的餐椅、客廳的小茶几、亦是會議室的辦公椅。多年後椅子壽命到了盡頭,經分拆可整件回歸自然,算是現代設計的特色 — 終結亦是重新開始的循環。

Though environmental protection has been discussed for years and decades, there is always a problem - “how do we get people involved in the cycle”. The furnishing industry builds a sort of mechanism to give people certain flexibility and entries, at the same time slowly changing people’s thoughts and behaviours to balance environmental concern and unconcern consumptions.

From material sourcing, manufacturing to smart consumption, the Danish duo Aleksej Iskos and Boris Berlin took a ground-breaking approach. Shell of the Fiber Family is an innovative molding of 75% polypropylene and 25% wood fiber, which comes with an extra soft touch when pairing with Muuto’s unique colour palette.

Every Fiber composition appears to be slender in matte finish yet spacious in terms of embracing the human body. Designed with a number of wood/ metal legs and upholstery, the collection comes with endless combinations and versatility for the bar area, dining room, living room and home office. At the end of the day, the shell and base can be separated to recycle when it is time to reset the loop.

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