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Grow your plants and fill your balcony with Scandinavian aesthetics & the elegance it offered! See the highlights from our green living collections for a refreshing & stylish environment added to your living spaces.

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Echasse Vase by Menu

Designer Theresa Rand took inspiration from laboratory test tubes to design the Echasse Vase. The unique colour gradients of the glass give it contrast against the legs' clean lines. This drop-shaped Vase is as elegant when holding flowers on a desk, living room floor, or nightstand as it is when left unfilled. Its masterful balance of geometry and materials earned it the Wallpaper* Design Award in 2018.

設計師 Theresa Rand 由實驗室試管取得靈感,設計出由 Menu 出品的 Echasse Vase。水滴形的花瓶有著獨特的漸變色彩,與底座的硬朗線條形成對比,不論放置在書桌或客廳中均異常優雅;而其幾何平衡及物料運用更令產品獲得 2018 Wallpaper* Design Award 的肯定。


Ferm Living | Plant Box

Plant Box by Ferm Living

Elegant and timeless, Ferm Living's Plant Box can be used for plantation on your balcony and window side. It can be used for everything you can name of - books, children's toys or room divider - in your living space.

Ferm Living 出品的 Plant Box 備有不同大小及顏色選擇,優雅而劃時代的設計簡約地襯托著置於陽台或窗邊的植物。產品另可用來存放書本、玩具或作為房間分隔用,切合日常的不同儲物或功能需要。


Menu | Wire Planter Series

Wire Planter Series by Menu

Design studio Norm Architects were inspired by a Japanese-style garden to create the Wire Planter Series. The combination of the Wire Pot and Wire Base forms a beautiful place for your plants, while the geometric lines & gentle curves also bring a harmonize effect as a visual decoration to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

設計工作室 Norm Architects 受日式庭園風格啟發而設計出 Menu Wire Planter 系列;系列中 Wire Pot Wire Base 的幾何線條和柔和曲線相互配合,和諧地襯托於室內及戶外空間的盆栽。

Muuto | Silent Vase

Muuto | Silent Vase

Silent Vase by Muuto

Showing Scandinavian design at its subtlest, Muuto's Silent Vase designed by Andreas Engesvik is made with mouth-blown glass. It is a functional, humble yet decorative addition to any interiors.

Muuto Silent Vase Andreas Engesvik 設計,以口吹玻璃製成的它蘊藏典型北歐設計的精妙之處:簡潔而實用度高,亦同時是家居裡的亮眼裝飾品。