HAY | LATEST Lighting

HAY | LATEST Lighting

The new lighting collection from HAY accentuates 2 elements - Functionality and Aesthetics, especially when most of the designers are from architectural and artistic background.



PC Portable Lamp 

French designer - Pierre Charpin with artistic background has been working on simple vocabulary, elementary forms and characterizing colours. In the desire of offering sensual objects, portable and anti-high-tech PC Portable Lamp series is created. As a refined portable lamp for any indoor or outdoor use, battery-powered PC Portable Lamp is designed to be water-proof, scratch-free and hiding light source from view as its iconic feature.

美術背景的德國設計師Pierre Charpin熱衷於簡單的詞彙、基本的型態形狀及研究各種顏色的特色。而PC Portable Lamp系列貫徹他的理念 - 希望每一件作品都具有聲色的設計風格,由電池供電的PC Portable,不單只防水防刮,更特意隱藏發光的燈源;獨特卻簡單的外型於任何室內外的環境,作為裝飾、還是光源都能勝任。

 Other versions: PC Table Lamp

Fifty-fifty Mini Table Lamp

British designer from Bath - Sam Weller in physics and engineering background, named his table lamp series as Fifty Fifty according to counterweight system. Aluminium configured Fifty-fifty series is created with careful material selection and designed functionality. Consistent joints and mechanisms with touch-sensitive dimmer switch for precise and concise control and position has been showing the pared-back aesthetics and multi-purpose of the series. 

來自英國巴斯的Sam Weller命名他的燈飾系列為Fifty Fifty,主要歸根於物理及工程學的背景,設計根據配重懸吊系統使重量互相牽制,達至平衡,而不失美觀。另外,fifty-fifty的物料及功能都經過他細心計算及篩選;從連貫的結構及接駁位、連可調較光暗的觸摸感應開關可見,簡單直接的使用方式都是為了展現設計整體的美感及多用途功能。


Marselis Table Lamp

German designers - Florian Kallus and Sebastian Schneider, co-founded Kaschkasch as to create modular designs in stripping fine balance between functionality and aesthetics. Marselis Table Lamp is inspired by arched silhouette from bent street signs. Appearing in a tilting circular disc, flat light beam in evanescing ambient is injected by moulded polycarbonate opalescent lens with lamp body made in aluminium and steel.

來自德國的Florian Kallus 及 Sebastian Schneider 是設計系的同學,為了設計同時具多功能性及符合美學、且有創意的作品,一同創造Kaschkasch Design Studio。Marselis Table Lamp的靈感正正來自於街邊歷久風霜而變得彎曲的指示路牌。Marselis的原材料為聚碳酸酯,以鋁及鋼造的支架支撐,傾斜的圓盤呈乳白色,透出的扁平光線,營造淡淡柔和的氛圍,如同晚上虛無一人的街道上照亮夜幕的街燈。



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