HAY | NEW Home Accessories

HAY | NEW Home Accessories

Diverse colours is one of the characteristics of HAY’s home accessories, no matter in vivid or gloomy, there must be one that matches with your aesthetic.



Sowden Bottle

Designs awards winner George Sowden has numbers of series in HAY, including the Sowden. Highlighting the whole Sowden series by contrasting colours, plastic screw lids of Sowden bottle with stainless steel allows to contain both hot and cold water for all your needs in circumstances.


現時在米蘭生活工作的英籍設計師George Sowden為HAY創造了數個系列,其中包括the Coffee and Tea Pot, the Bottle, Tin by Sowden 及 Salt & Pepper. 瓶蓋表面及瓶身以鮮豔的對比色彩著色,不鏽鋼及聚丙烯的物料製成,冷熱水均可盛載。

Six-Colour Bag

Spinning up your day with Six-colour bag by sparkling tonal colour-ways carefully selected by Bertjan Pot. The six-colour bag is made up of ripstop nylon with several forms of geometry forming a durable and specially eye-catching shopping bag.

Six-Colour Bag耀眼的色調由Bertjan Pot精心挑選,以多種幾何圖形的色塊拼接而成,原料為防撕裂的尼龍材質,繼亮眼又耐用,是新一代BYOB的不二之選。

Plica Sprinkle

Rectangular Plica Sprinkle in ultra soft touch is crafted in dotted fabric, sewn edges of the cushion give it extra cosy and modern appearance in luxurious touch. As a versatile cushion series, you can bring it with you for an afternoon on grass and spend a day lying on the sofa or bed.

長方形的Plica Sprinkle由點線的布料編織,縫起坐墊的邊緣為整體添加一點溫馨及現代感。多用途的坐墊使用於各種室內外場合,讓Place Sprinkle陪你在戶外度過一個休閒的下午,更可陪你躺在沙發及床上度過溫馨的一整天。

Shaggy Rug

Shaggy rug is handcrafted with long thick pile, pure wooled rug gives its specially soft underfoot to add in inviting luxurious ambiance to a room; available in different sizes and appealing cosy colours, locate it in the center of the room as the main decoration or add a bit of softness in the bedroom.


手工編織的Shaggy Rug由純羊毛製成,低飽和度較為樸素的顏色配合柔軟的羊毛,營造低調的奢華感;備有多種大小及安定的選色,作為客廳主要的裝飾不失優雅,更可放於臥室的增添整體的柔和舒適感。

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