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Apart from an increasing bar table area in cafes and restaurants recently, open kitchens at home are being widely designed to integrate dining and living rooms for a continuous expression. Here Establo consolidated part of the Scandinavian designed bar/counter chairs and stools by style and type of backrest for everyone.


1. 沒有靠背的吧凳//Bar Stool without backrest

大膽玩味的經典之作/Rocket was designed by Eero Aarnio, famous for his bold and playful style e.g ball/ bubble/ pastil chairs, which Rocket in Artek has been one of the classic bar stools ever since 1995 (only available in natural/black/white oak) ©Artek

和式與北歐的風格混合/ Georg series is designed by Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, the Nordics parents integrate Japanese design core "function" into their Nordic roots of minimalism in a mixture of materials (oak, fabric and metal). ©Skagerak

2. 較矮的靠背 //with little/ smaller backrest

(a) 最近很常出現在咖啡廳以及餐廳的吧凳系列/  The common options
輕巧精細的弧度/Visu, the light & refined curved back, one of the famous representatives of the new design era ©Muuto

大場合也適用的/Nerd, the perfect integration of backrest & seat for co-working/ public and even grand settings ©Muuto

And the two - relatively easier entries into the world of Scandinavia:
簡單連貫的/Form, the simple and cohesive series ©Normann Copenhagen

非正式場合使用的/About A Stool series for informal settings ©Hay


(b) 更多//Some moreMono Fiber 3D Panton One

將木材摺成椎體的/Mono, the cone shaped bar chair in unique Finnish birch, UPM Grada ©Woud

混合材料而成的磨砂面/Fiber, matte finishing with an Muuto ONLY innovative mix of plastic and pine wood fibers ©Muuto

當年最尖端的立體模壓技術/3D, the innovative 3D moulding techniques to successfully bend all edges pointing away from you. ©Gubi

中世紀的經典/Panton One since 1955 by Verner Panton and relaunched in 2003 by Montana, a legendary designer who loved to bring a little protocol and head to meet manufacturers from Scandinavia to Switzerland. This bar stool goes better with a H105cm table ©Montana


3. 長時間完美支撐的吧凳// With higher/ full backrest in greater comfort for long time seating

(a) 較少會包布的//uphol is not oftenHven Pause Whiskey Loft
The difference in edges and construction underneath the bar stools:
丹麥瑞典之間的小島嶼/Hven, the robust invitation from Øresund between Denmark & Sweden, the softness and sturdiness in one ©Skagerak

純樸的傳統工藝/Pause, laid back and rest for awhile, craftsmanship deeply rooted in the classic Scandinavian design heritage ©Woud

人體工學的斜度 扁身的工整俐落感/Whiskey, the ergonomic angled backrest with upholstered seat in a sleek and clean form as ©Punt as always

常見的材質結合/Loft, the simple design with steel and plywood in embracing expression ©Muuto

(b) 多半只會包座墊或靠背的//half uphol with only on seat/ backrest

向包浩斯致敬/Afteroom, the simplicity & stability in minimizing materials & maximizing aesthetics ©Menu

更寬更奢華/Afteroom Plus, the slightly wider backrest in velvet upholstery ©Menu

夜晚的休閒/Herman, sleek legs with curved back comfort, perfect for talks at night, probably the most common type of seating designs in these few seasons for having the necessary contrasts in life ©Ferm Living 

(c) 大多全包布的//usually in full upholstery
AND TRADITION Catch Pavilion

向你張開雙臂的/Catch, the form of a man opens his arms to embrace and give comfort with fine stitching and padding ©&Tradition

線條流暢不顯擁擠/Pavilion, lyrical curves without filling a space full or any feeling of bulkiness ©&Tradition

甲蟲的外殼/Beetle, the polypropylene plastic shell in grace for both formal and informal spaces ©Gubi

久坐休息用的/Oslo, the soft and embracing comfort for many hours ©Muuto

4. 凳仔及三腳萬用凳/ Stools

出門前的一刻/Cutter, fold up & down to have a quick seat before getting out, specialised in untreated solid oak and teak with excellent durability ©Skagerak

紙繩上的等待/Vent, named as “wait” for enjoying the time in history and art museums, made with braided paper cord and steel ©Skagerak

檯凳合一的大理石/Plinth, as table as seat or even an art piece in hand-crafted marble, the sculpture comes sleek and tidy expression ©Menu

純粹的享受原木的生命感/Nomad, unwind your life and feel the figure of untreated solid oak with exceptional cut and craftsmanship. VE2 said, "it's a really fine craftsmanship" collaborating with Skagerak, basically the expert of solid oak and teak craftsmanship and remain its untreated finishing. With the passion for high quality wood and functionality, Nomad Stool is another timeless furnishing for decade, which can turns silver in later life.
✓ Can be stacked beautifully, perfect as a stool/ small side table/ even nightstand ©Skagerak

夏天的時分/Pal , imagine yourself seating on a woven/ veneer seat on balcony and stretching with stools legs showing themselves along the edges ©Northern

居家必備的L型經典之最/Stool 60, the most cherished design classic since 1933. The era of Alva Aalto's L-legs functional art is now present in increasing mixture of colours and fabrics on top, to extend and remember the tradition for decades ©Artek

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