Behind the Katie Scott Wallpaper Production

If there is one thing that can spruce up your home in an instant, it is the change of the wall covering. After struggling to find an appealing and decorative wallpaper, the founder of ferm LIVING, Trine Andersen, decided to design her own. And so, it all began fairly modestly back in 2006 with ferm LIVING’s first wallpaper designs. 

Since then, the wallpaper collection of enchanting and surprising patterns has constantly been expanding over the years. Ferm Living teamed up with the renowned London-based illustrator Katie Scott, who created some wallpaper designs for us. Here please find a glimpse behind the scenes of the wallpaper design and the production.

From artwork to print
First of all, the process of developing and creating wallpaper requires particular skills and experience of the craftsmen. When the design team delivers the artwork to the factory, the initial work begins. The first step is to engrave the wallpaper pattern into large metal cylinders, which the wallpaper passes through and each colour of the design requires its own cylinder.

All colours have their own recipe, and the water based colours are mixed and blended by hand. Due to this unique process, you can never match the exact same colour from production to production. There might be slight colour differences between the batches making each batch unique. And we make sure that you, as a consumer, receive rolls of wallpaper from the same batch and colourways. After the printing process, the wallpaper is dried, trimmed, quality controlled and finally packed.

Made in Scandinavia
All of our Katie Scott wallpapers are made at Sweden’s first wallpaper factory – a pioneer within the wallpaper industry with more than 100+ years of experience. They use printing methods ranging from the 200 years old Surface print method to more modern technologies as flexographic and gravure print.

Sustainable production
With a constant strive to make the least possible impact on the environment the factory has since 2018 been FSC-certified. For our wallpapers they use a smart non-woven paper quality, made of textile and paper fibres, as base. This specific blend makes the wallpaper more durable and easier to hang. The wood used for the paper blend is sourced from the world’s most sustainable forestry companies with a commitment to replanting trees.

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