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Recently, due to all sorts of concerns we started to work remotely as well. Organising and returning goods to where they should be can help in improving productivity and relieving stress. Let’s take this opportunity to immerse into the world of storage designs together and check if we can rearrange living goods in a better order.


We usually only take once or twice a year to make big changes and relocation of goods at home. Adding a few more organizers helps, but they might not perfectly match your space. If storage and shelving are flexible enough to change from time to time or able to foresee what’s gonna be there, much time can be saved for other hobbies and activities.

西班牙語La Literatura在英語其實就是the literature,意指詩詞/小說,也專指擁有精緻質素的。"La Literatura" in Spanish is "The Literature" in english, for poems, novels and especially for fine quality ones.

20世紀當代經典 - La Literatura系列35年來推出多個版本,以獨特的”轆轆櫃“及可存放過千本書極大容量的收納空間著名,當年獲得不少西班牙及全世界的設計大賞。由1985年全木踏實沈穩的Classic、2014年外形較輕巧的鋼身支架OPEN,演化至2020年加入的金屬版本Selection,均可隨用家的習慣選擇配置,隨喜好融合各種建築及室內設計風格。

La Literatura has been classified as a contemporary classic since the 1997 National Award of Design, won several prizes since 1985 and has been displayed in museums. It is a collection of distinctive bookcases on castors, sideboards and TV benches for thousands of books, appliances, as a part of architecture and interior partitions. From sturdy wooden CLASSIC bookcase, 2014 light metal constructed OPEN to 2020 metallic back panels and wheels SELECTION, it seamlessly integrates with all your living goods based on your living habits.
(Literatura Open)
Too many choices might be a bit difficult to distinguish what is going on. Let's see which of the following occasions fit you the most:

(Literatura Classic)
1. 書籍量較大或喜愛收藏影音實體碟的用家可用全木背板的Classic,根據需要的數量增添整棟書櫃,或多個轆轆櫃,較少使用到的放在後格堆疊,較常/正在觀看的放在轆轆櫃上隨手可取;若然你只需要一行,也是可以的。

The wooden CLASSIC is literally for those who are a movie/ album collector or book lover with thousands and hundreds at home. Fix the bookcase on the wall to ensure optimal stability with adding a few columns on castors, Classic stores your old books at the back and new/ the one you need all the time on columns with castors. Of course, if you just need a column or two, it is available as well.(Literatura Open)
2. 展示的物品較多/置物用途較廣泛的用家,則可以Open的預設作範本,選擇木面顏色/大小,並添置需要的間隔款式(多種櫃款如抽屜/閉合櫃門/由上往下拉開的櫃門等)及背板數量,是書櫃/展示架/邊櫃/電視櫃/半腰櫃;

More transparent and light OPEN can be your display shelf to keep things organised, at the same time with several types of intervals and back panels. It can be anything you can think of at once: a bookshelf with one or two back panel, a small cabinet with drawers for small items, a sideboard with doors for beloved items, a panel as a temporary desk, a tv modules with cabinets on top and media sideboard at the bottom. If these are way too complicated, it can be just an open low sideboard with only back panels and legs.
(Literatura Selection)
3. 最後2020新推出的的Selection,分別以簡潔的單格櫃體及標誌的金屬色面作特色,是單櫃/金屬層架/展示櫃/電視櫃。

Selection is a special version of La Literatura released in early 2020 to celebrate its 35th anniversary. If you love the metallic finishes of Punt, this is the one with metallic wheels, constructions and back panels in elegant and subtle expression. Just like OPEN, own configurations and sizes are available  it can be an exquisitely clean and functional low sideboard, metallic shelving, sideboard, cabinets, tv modules and etc.

Designed by/ 設計者 Vicent Martínez  ©Punt

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