Light Up In The Air I 無法預測的燈飾形態

#Bocci 一片工整簡約的北歐家品中,雕塑藝術般的燈飾,無法預測的形態何以不突兀?



#Bocci How does sculptural and poetic lighting go with a clean and minimalistic space of Scandinavian furniture?

Let’s put all those predefined guidelines aside and ease one's brain, sculptural lighting from Bocci only comes with chronological numbers. If you’re searching for how to create an artistic interior, you will be in vain. There is literally no predefined meaning or guidance about how the piece should be placed into what kind of interior for what sort of occasion.

Not to inject any ideas into your stressed brain, it goes with natural imagination and interpretation based on what you have even been through. There are only types of raw materials, the manufacturing procedure and “it can stand alone or repeat massively as a group” lies in the product description.

Should it be a piece of art or a man-made form of nature, it’s all on you.

↑ 一粒手掌大的玻璃珠子14 - 半顆上牆折射分明的線條,或是將光線困起集中數顆數十顆螢火星光、
14, A glass bead in the size of a small palm: own a little portion of solar by mounting half of 14 on the wall or having a sky of million stars with captivated beams diffuse in the air;

↑ 粘起一張沒有刻畫文字圖案的白紙21 - 透光的的噴砂硼矽玻璃留白懸吊起來使人靠近一探究竟、
21, A piece of translucent sandblasted borosilicate glass hangs as an empty sheet of folded white paper without a single alphabet written.

↑ 紅棕銅網綁起一樽奶白浸在透明玻璃內展示84 - 遠看呈暗紅的繩網漸變成淺粉色的暖黃調。
84, A glass of milk is poured in an Auburn copper net, dipped into clear glass and lightened up sweetly as a cantaloupe.

Weighty glasses are hung sturdily with braided metal coaxial cables, always welcome heedful touch and interaction with care and appreciation. Full collections are now available for pre-order in store, while only selected collections are available online, book an appointment now.

香港北歐傢俬舖 #establohk

Light Up In The Air I 無法預測的燈飾形態
Light that was not be named II 沒有名字的雕塑燈飾
Universe, Material and People III 關於宇宙、物質、人類

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