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Northern was established to be the new generation of Nordic furniture brands, their lighting and furniture collection are both deeply loved by the local Scandinavians. The popular PAL stool is crafted in oak and fitted with a choice of seats. Part of the stool's character is formed by the relationship between natural materials and craft techniques, which make each stool one-of-a-kind.

Northern - Pal stool, oslo design studio

Another modern CAMP round table is very minimalist, safe and durable. Whether it is a coffee shop or a dining room at home, its lightweight design reduces the overall cumbersomeness and is an important piece of furniture that is indispensable in the home.

Northern - Camp table, oaki dining chair

DAYBE is a new generation of daybeds designed to balance function and practical use for modern living style. No more complicated opening procedure of the sofa bed, the streamlined backrest, and armrests design greatly improve the comfort of the sofa bed.

Northern - Daybe sofabed, yam pouf, stilk side table

新一代北歐傢俱代表品牌 Northern,從燈飾設計至近年發展的家具設計均深受當地人的喜愛。例如熱門的 PAL 橡木三腳椅以橡木製成,輕便可堆疊的設計易於儲存,三腳椅有兩種型號包括植物纖維編織而成的座位或實心橡木座位兩個版本,它使用天然材料與北歐傳工藝技術之間的關係形成椅子的特色,使每張凳子都獨一無二。

Northern - Pal stool

另一款現代簡約的 CAMP 圓餐桌 ,採用三種不同的枱面處理使餐桌看起來更加簡約現代、安全耐用。不論是咖啡館或家中的用餐空間,它輕巧的設計減少了家具的整體的笨重感,是家中不容或缺的重要傢俱。 scandinavian Norwegian furniture

DAYBE 則是一款能滿足現代生活,功能與實用性強的沙發床,告別傳統沙發床繁複的打開程序,DAYBE 容易配襯於不同的室內空間,流線型靠背大大提高沙發床的舒適度,節省空間滿足用家對現代生活空間的需求。

Northern - Daybe sofabed

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