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Muuto is currently under Knoll, a group of furnishing related brands in their own distinctive positions, from fabric producer, office furniture provider, furnishings for both household and commercial and etc…. There are a number of furnishing brands that produce authorized redesigns and new designs at the same time. Muuto has been keeping its own vision in creating the New Perspectives for Scandinavian Furnishings; Rooted in the ground of Scandinavian designs, the “New Nordics'' are produced in modern technology and updated materials.為了配合現世代的生活模式,Muuto其中一種特別的物料是將循環再造的塑膠混合木碎做成fiber系列的靠背,而色盤則多半是素雅的色彩,是帶點柔和的現代簡約家品。 又,現代家品生產的條件有限,暫時最有效率地維持質量的方法,是將同樣的坐位換上各式各樣的凳腳 ,抑或是鋼鐵腳/木腳/坐地的沙發組合;MUUTO的出品在眾量產品牌中,質量算是很不錯的。

Some say, “they are the producers of forward-looking materials.”
When many of the others are using recycled plastic as the single origin of seat/ panel materials, Muuto has been investing in their own composition of plastic and 25% wood fibers. Staying true to Muuto’s elegant palettes, the mixture comes in a matte finish and soft touch without sacrificing the bold and sturdy structure.

Production and manufacture are always bounded by the availability of modern techniques and machines. One of the most effective modern furniture productions to keep up quality and productivity, is creating a flexible collection of the same seat and back with several bases or legs. Taking sofa as an example, many of the sofas are no longer retained in a single piece, but configurations or steel/ wooden legs within the modular systems. The type of manufacturing operation does not only apply to Muuto, but literally all brands who outsourced their production to third party factories/ manufacturers; While Muuto maintains its high-quality among the brands in the new era.
這一兩年也在咖啡廳及餐廳漸漸看到Muuto的身影,大家不妨週末出門的時候留意一下。不過要辨別真偽,就只能把椅子反轉看看有沒有MUUTO的浮印、序號跟物料名稱。雖然不建議大家在外這樣做,畢竟椅子一般12 - 18kg 同時空間不大,會造成餐廳、咖啡廳的困擾;但是在傢俬家品店慢慢逛的時候還是可以請同事幫忙,避免【嘭】的一聲,傢俬店可是會淌血。


Muuto’s designs are recognised in a number of new cafes, restaurants and workplaces with its sense of “design” and balance. An original or a replica? It may be hard to distinguish the truth from falsehood without turning the chair upside down for the watermark, serial number and the list of materials. Please DO NOT demonstrate the practice anywhere other than a furniture store, retailers would be puzzled when you lift up a 12 - 18kg chair in a relatively compact space.

But, welcome to reach our team on duty for help to avoid any heart-breaking “bang” or “boom”. 

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