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The story began with exceptional craftsmanship & premium materials in 1908.

A good chair should be from a good old family.  - Kaare Klint

Founding Father - Kaare Klint as the part of  both evolution & revolution in time, respecting the tradition & his legacy has deeply rooted in the craft as well as the next few generations.

Modernising the GOOD OLD DAYS evolutionary started in the same way as Da Vinci did - studies into proportions of human figures. Under Klint’s influencial disciplines and principles, Hans J. Wegner drove Danish Modern into a new Golden age of purification and simplification.

Talking about a good family, Knud Erik Hansen took over the company to maintain the family legacy. Keeping their core by owning their Denmark factory, passing on their traditional craftsmanship and materials and exporting their hard-work across the globe. 

It is not just about the furniture, it is about the stories. A family story with humans at the heart.


CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner - taking archetype from cuture, 1930s Wegner studied the Ming dynasty one in lesson and came up with this iconic chair last for years.

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