New In | Dining Table

New In | Dining Table

Get inspired by our intro here to start re-creating the ambience for everyday meals and festive feasts!


In Between SK5

In Between SK5 by &tradition

Both classic craftsmanship and innovative wood-making techniques are utilized in producing this simple yet beautiful piece - In Between SK5 Dining Table can be blended into a space effortlessly with its slim silhouette and absence of ornamentation, making it an ideal match with any chair in any setting.

Designed by Sami Kallio

用上傳統手工技藝與創新的木材製作技術製成的 In Between SK5 擁有纖巧的外型而沒有多餘的裝飾,簡潔的設計使它可配搭不同款式的椅子使用,輕易融入於不同空間而不會感覺突兀

設計者:Sami Kallio



Bay by Punt

The Bay Table was inspired by the border that connects the water and the mainland. A basic but powerful symbol of union is shown in the way that the table top connects laterally the leg and in the way that the leg touches the table top.

Designed by Arik Levy

Bay 的創作源自對水平面與陸地間的連結探討,並在設計上巧妙地展現出來:桌面與桌腳橫向地連接在一起,兩者觸碰而保有各自的形狀,引領人意會水陸之間的微妙交匯點。

設計者:Arik Levy


Gubi 2.0 Dining Table

Gubi 2.0 Dining Table by Gubi

Available in both circular and elliptical shape, the GUBI 2.0 Dining Table celebrates the authentic way of bringing people together and enables an intimate interaction whether it is for dinners, meetings or relaxed socialization - all accompanied by the finest details and exclusive materials.

以精緻工藝及高質素材料造成的 Gubi 2.0 Dining Table 備有圓形與橢圓形兩種不同外型設計,將桌子回歸到最自然純樸的氣氛。不論是作用餐或會議用途,它均能成為人與人之間親密互動的載點。


Pirkka Table

Pirkka Table by Artek

The Pirkka Table is inspired by traditional vernacular Finnish furniture, but is flexible, informal, and effortlessly suited to contemporary living. Crafted entirely from solid wood, both legs and braces of the Table are taper towards the ends, making a charismatic contrast to the table surface.

Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara

設計師從芬蘭傳統民間家具取得靈感,創造出可活用於現代生活空間的 Pirkka Table。整張餐桌全以實木造成,錐形桌腳與典雅桌面形成充滿個性的對比,輕易成為設計經典。

設計者:Ilmari Tapiovaara


Copenhague CPH 30

Copenhague CPH 30 by HAY

Part of the Copenhague series, CPH 30 shares the same characteristics angled legs and strong identity that are consistent with the rest of the collection. With a variety of sizes available, it is ideal for using in multiple contexts, including as a dining table for private or public setting.

Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

來自 Copenhague 系列的 CPH 30 有著同系列的標誌性角形桌腳,令人一眼就能輕易辨識。備有不同呎吋、顏色及用料選擇,令 CPH 30 於不同場合中均可發揮相應的作用。

設計者:Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


Bistro Table

Bistro Table by Vitra

The Bistro Table is designed in connection with the Softshell Chair and reiterate the shape of its elegant cruciform base. Due to its simple form, the table can be combined with a wide variety of chairs; while the version with a solid-core laminate top is also suited for outdoor situation.

Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Bistro Table 有著優雅十字型的桌腳,簡約的外形除與同樣由 Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec 設計的 Softshell Chair 互相輝映外,亦能與多款不同的椅子組合而不失和諧感,而其中擁有壓板桌面的款式更能應用於戶外環境,令產品用途更為多元。

設計者:Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

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