New Pieces for Your Home | Sofa & Lounge 2019

Discover the latest Sofa & Lounge Collection from the Scadanivian design trend - mix & match to set up a unique ambience at your interiors, and share the comfort with your beloved ones.


Masculo Lounge Chair

Masculo Lounge Chair by Gubi

Contrasting between Scandinavian elegance and Italian dynamic lines, the Masculo Lounge Chair combines the aesthetics, craftsmanship, solidity and sitting comfort in one. The distinctive, semicircular back and armrest embraces the users in a masculine sense without losing the sophisticated details.

Designed by GamFratesi

Masculo Lounge Chair 將北歐典雅與意式動態美集於一身,形成對比之餘亦充分體現兩者俱推祟的美學、精緻手工及舒適感。獨特的半圓椅背連靠手將用家緊緊抱住而不失優雅。


Tailor Sofa

Tailor Sofa by Menu

With childhood memories of grandfather's favourite tailor shop, Portugese designer Rui Alves was inspired to create the Tailor Sofa. Every detailed structure - from frame to seat and back - can be seen on display, giving it a light appearance while offering a comfortable and practical sofa for everyday use.

Designed by Rui Alves

葡萄牙設計師 Rui Alves 喚起兒時祖父常逛的裁縫店回憶,取得靈感創造出 Tailor Sofa。梳化上的每個細節均毫不保留的展示出來,而外觀同時保持精巧,讓用家得到一張實用、舒適的梳化供日常使用。

設計者:Rui Alves


Cover Lounge Chair

Cover Lounge Chair by Muuto

The Cover Lounge Chair has a simple yet refined expression. It features a grand seat while taking up little space in the room, complemented by its unique details of curved back, wooden armrest covers and slightly curved seat for any private or professional space.

Designed by Thomas Bentzen

Cover Lounge Chair 設計簡單卻細膩,造型不過份佔用空間的同時,仍可給予用家一個寬闊的座位,令其切合現代空間的需要,放置在不同場合中均可靈活運用。

設計者:Thomas Bentzen



Polder by Vitra

Polder effortlessly creates a focal point in any interiors with its asymmetrical shape and cushions in various fabrics and colours. The distinctive, iconic look is inspired from the unique landscape of designer's home country - the Netherlands.

Designed by Hella Jongerius

擁有不規則的外型設計,加上以不同顏色及布料製成的座位與靠墊,Polder 無容置疑的能成為每個空間的焦點所在。設計師從出生地荷蘭獨有、低窪地區的 Polder 地型獲取靈感,設計出這款特別的梳化。

設計者:Hella Jongerius


Knitting Chair

Knitting Chair by Menu

First launched as a limited edition in 1951, the Knitting Chair makes its comeback to the stage of modern design with re-imagination. It is a playful design with thoughtful details - the elbow cut-outs on the seat back ensure maximum comfort while knitting, reading, or simply relaxing.

Designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen

首次於 1951 年以限量版面世的 Knitting Chair,由 Menu 重新詮釋並帶回現代設計的鎂光燈下。充滿玩味的設計有著設想周到的細節-椅背的兩個空隙讓用家編織、閱讀、或完全放鬆時能把手肘穿過,達至理想的安逸體驗。

設計者:Ib Kofod-Larsen

Text Credit: Establo Lifestyle