New Sensations

Stay Sofa

Stay Sofa by Gubi

The Stay Sofa has a sculptural and organic shape that, besides from giving a contemporary look, also encourages users to stay seated. It is suitable for both public spaces and private homes as its size fits well to spaces of limited size where keeping cosiness and comfort are essential.

Stay Sofa 富時代感的造型圓滑而純粹,像是隨時準備好歡迎用家坐下來好好放鬆一番。小巧的它能放置於公眾及個人生活空間,不佔位置的同時又能為用家帶來極大的舒適感。



Mitis by Punt

Mitis is a collection of tables with a solid appearance and exquisite detail both in the tabletop and in the trestle-like grooved legs. It is also supported by adjustable feet.

Designed by Mario Ruiz

Mitis 為一系列擁有結實外形的餐桌,精巧細節盡顯於其桌面及支架般的桌腳。系列亦設有可調較的桌腳,讓用家因應需要微調相應的高度。

設計者:Mario Ruiz


WM String Lounge Chair

WM String Lounge Chair by Menu

Deceptively simple, the air and delicate appearance of String Lounge Chair belies the obsessive attention to detail devoted to its design. Versatile and durable, the Lounge Chair can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Designed by Studio WM

簡約、輕巧的 WM String 休閒椅蘊含著重細節的設計,用上耐用物料製作的它亦同樣適用於室外環境,使其用途更多元化。

設計者:Studio WM


Compose Sofa

Compose Sofa by Muuto

Available as two- and three-seater sofas, Compose Sofa is both roomy and refined. The design has also joined quality and comfort in one together with a contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic.

Designed by Anderssen & Voll

座位寬敞而造型優美的 Compose Sofa 備有兩座位及三座位兩款大小供選擇,設計上不論是用料質素或用家體驗均照顧周到,盡顯北歐美學元素。

設計者:Anderssen & Voll


Dining Table

Dining Table by Vitra

Being one of the most elegant dining tables in 20th century furniture design, the sculptor-designer’s Dining Table is stable and supportive, yet without appearing heavy. Available with table tops in two sizes, this classic design can be applied to the needs of different living spaces.

Designed by Isamu Noguchi

作為 20 世紀家具設計界中最為經典的餐桌設計之一,Dining Table 牢固而穩重,卻保有輕盈的外表。雕塑般的設計備有兩種尺寸的桌面選擇,能靈活應用在有不同需求的生活空間。

設計者:Isamu Noguchi


Domus Lounge Chair

Domus Lounge Chair by Artek

Featuring the distinctive Domus armrests, and with a seat and backrest made out of a single plywood element, the Domus Lounge Chair is exceedingly comfortable. Originally designed in 1946 for a student housing complex in Helsinki, Finland, its popularity has extended far beyond the initial location.

Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara

造型亮麗的 Domus 休閒椅以單一合板製成座位及椅背結構,加上與 Domus 餐椅一樣的標誌性靠手,觸目之餘亦使用家非常舒適,令原於 1946 年為芬蘭赫爾辛基的學生宿舍設計的它可廣泛應用到不同場所。

設計者:Ilmari Tapiovaara


Kiki Sofa

Kiki Sofa by Artek

Representing a departure from Ilmari Tapiovaara's earlier work, Kiki Sofa employs a clean-cut design. Simple in outlook and compact in size, it appeals and fits naturally into contemporary living spaces.

Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara

由 Ilmari Tapiovaara 設計的 Kiki 梳化輪廓鮮明,與設計師早期的作品風格迥異。簡約輕巧的外型使 Kiki 貼合現代需要,融入家居空間時亦散發其獨有魅力。

設計者:Ilmari Tapiovaara



Denia by Punt

Denia Dining Table collection combines anodised aluminium with the warmth of oak or walnut wood to form a unique design. This is the one of a kind, elegant table to own for any dining room settings.

Designed by Vicent Martinez

Denia 餐桌系列巧妙地將鋁材與溫暖的橡木或胡桃木合併為一體,別樹一格的成品定能為飯廳空間帶來不一樣的典雅氣派。

設計者:Vicent Martinez


Fiber Lounge Chair

Fiber Lounge Chair by Muuto

Fiber Lounge Chair invites users in for a relaxed and comfortable seat. With soft and embracing curves, as well as both upholstery and un-upholstery versions, it has a welcoming look to match any home, workplace or hospitality settings elegantly.

Designed by Iskos-Berlin

Fiber 休閒椅擁有柔軟曲線、加上可以布料或皮革包覆座位的它,能配合不同場合需要,以優雅的姿態為用家帶來無比舒適的休閒體驗。