類似但不完全相同 Same? Not Exactly I - Side/Coffee Table

1. Tray Table

side tables that “seem the same, but not exactly” will be introduced for easier comparison in terms of the characteristics and craftsmanship among brands.

Indskud Tray Table

Indskud Tray Table got easy liftoff tray tops, with clear figures in solid oak. Perfect in living room or next to bed to serve coffee, breakfast or snacks.

Designed by/ 設計者 Terkel Skou Steffensen
*Discontinued ©Skagerak

CH417 Tray Table

CH417 Tray Table got easy liftoff tray tops, in veneer reversible table top, solid oak edge and stainless steel collapsible legs as a large serving modern classic.
可分拆托盤的茶几 - Carl Hansen & Son的CH417,由可正反調轉的木皮檯面、實木盤邊及不鏽鋼檯腳組成,中世紀的現代設計正適合需要大型托盤的用家。

Designed by/ 設計者 Hans J. Wegner
©Carl Hansen & Søn

MK98860 Folding Table

MK98860 folding table hides the construction underneath and hangs it on the wall with cognac leather when not in use, just like a mahjong table in tiny homes.
適合細小蝸居 - Carl Hansen & Son的MK98860接合茶几像家用麻將桌般,可將支

Designed by/ 設計者 Mogens Koch
©Carl Hansen & Søn


2. Hidden Storage
Being a storage unit and coffee table at the same time, the 2 coffee tables are both crafted by lasting ash/oak veneer body and solid wood legs in similar dimensions. Both in 3-legged construction, the Turning Table (Menu) put it inside for opening the lid by rotation (slightly heavier at 9.4kg), while the Arc Table (Woud) put it outside as a playful look (coffee table at 7.4kg and side table at 3.7kg)

現時大部分茶几都會嵌入額外的儲物空間,兩款於物料及大小幾乎一樣,以木皮作櫃身及實木的三腳作支撐。Menu較重的Turning Table以木腳作轉動檯面的中心(9.4kg),而Woud的Arc Table則將木腳放在茶几外,並提供兩個別有趣味的版本(分別為3.7kg, 7.4kg)。

Turning Table

The fronter is designed by a German designer Theresa Rand, famous for elegant works which tell poetic stories to create a warm atmosphere. Combining natural materials with plated metal as a connection underneath, Turning is sturdy enough to support items placed on the 2 surfaces simultaneously. Some said it was additive to open and shut the table for hours. (Available in 2 finishings)
前者由德國設計師Theresa Rand設計,她典雅的作品營造溫暖氛圍,各自述說著特別的經歷。她指曾有些客人邊聊天邊轉動開合茶几超過一小時。自然的材料配合金屬連接檯腳之間,使可分開兩層的Turning足以同時承載多樣物品。(設有兩種木材款式)

Designed by/ 設計者 Theresa Rand
* On Display ©Menu

Arc Table

The latter is designed by Danish design talents - Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad, the 2 friends since study. They would love to improve their surroundings with their dynamic interaction built in for their users. Named from Mathematical concept and supported by the brass screws hidden inside the smooth built-in nanolaminate, only one finger is needed to rotate the lid and open an extra space. They said just in case, to hide your mess in a hurry, or display favourite objects as usual. (Available in 2 sizes and 3 finishings)
後者則由兩位自上學時期已是朋友的丹麥設計師Julie Begtrup及Ditte Vad設計,她們希望透過高互動性的作品與用家交流並改善日常生活。以數學概念命名的Arc,檯面由內置的夾層及隱藏的黃酮製螺絲支撐,以單隻手指便可轉動檯面變出額外的空間。她們指以防萬一,在「緊急狀況」需要收起一些物品,或日常展示喜愛的擺設。(設有兩種大小及三種木材款式)

Designed by/ 設計者 Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad
©Woud Photo Credit @larissaxmar @philcohen


3. Keep things on top
The two designers strive to originate insightful and meaningful designs for everyday use, specially designed Muuto - Around and Woud - Skirt.

Veneer table top and solid wood legs with 2 - 3 sizes and several colours in lacquer treatment. Both are able to work perfectly in groups or on its own, which are great add-ons to any setting.

*Highly recommended to take extra care in the first month upon arrival to let the lacquered surface fully harden for longer durability and avoid visible marks from excessive heat/alcohol/scratches.
兩位設計師著重創作具啓發意義及供日常使用的作品,是次介紹的是以塗漆作表面的Muuto - Around及Woud - Skirt,均以橡木皮作檯面及實木作檯腳,配有2-3種大小及多種顏色單獨或與其他茶几一同使用亦不失個性。


 Around Coffee Table

Danish designer - Thomas Bentzen was the Head of Design and created one of the best sellers - Around Coffee Table for Muuto in 3 sizes and 8 colours. Slightly higher bended table frame along the edge keeps items safely on the surface with a gap for easier carry. Different with Skirt, Around has thin and flatten table legs.
前Muuto設計總監來自丹麥的Thomas Bentzen為Muuto創造了其中一款最受歡迎、配有3種大小8種顏色的Around茶几。稍高的彎曲邊緣防止物品從檯面掉下,且特別設計了缺口更方便提起移動。與Skirt的檯腳不同,Around檯腳維持一至的寬度偏向扁身。

Designed by/ 設計者 Thomas Bentzen


Finnish designer - Mikko Laakkonen believes that every design has its own uniqueness and created the pleasant curvy Skirt for Woud with hidden screws. The bended table frame is cut into 4 pieces diagonally with concealing the round and slightly narrow down table legs in a vivid expression.
來自芬蘭的設計師Mikko Laakkonen一直深信每一件設計品都是別有用心的,不對稱的剪裁如其名是Skirt,裁成四份的彎曲檯邊完美隱藏的螺絲接駁,配合向下收窄的圓椎檯腳使整體更生動鮮明。Skirt配有兩款橡木檯面及2種大小。

Designed by/ 設計者 Mikko Laakkonen

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