類似但不完全相同 Same? Not Exactly III - Side/Coffee Table

7.  Bold and Metal
We can now choose single origin in most specialty cafes, furnishings can also be crafted and welded by single material in strong and geometrical expression.
Definition of art has been renewed since Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, furnishing combines storage and display in their own sleek form and simplicity is also regarded as functional art.

現代藝術早已從Marcel Duchamp的 Fountain開始重新定義,不再侷限創作的方式型態,


The type of modern art - Folding 2 sheets of metal and welded into one, 𝗠𝗔𝗦𝗦 is designed to save space in its bold and modern touch. Let the light pass through the 4 sides and highlight all those treasures inside the space. Reflect and brighten up the space with its sleek and sparkling surface in black/ steel/ brass finishings. (Weight: 5.9 - 6.3kg depends on finishing)
𝗠𝗔𝗦𝗦 是由一塊金屬摺成彎曲面,焊接在另一塊平滑垂直的金屬邊而成的。讓光線穿過金屬之間,使物品好好展示在檯底的彎曲位置,MASS能把雜誌書本收納整齊的同時不佔額外的空間,體現極簡的現代俐落感。(重量5.9 - 6.3kg 依不同材質相異)

Designed by/ 設計者 Roee Magdassi
Under the influences of both European and middle eastern in the Mediterranean coast city -  Tel Aviv Israel,  Product designer Roee Magdassie’s designs can be recognised by its blurred boundaries between contemporary art and minimalist architecture. With the geometric forms and graphical shapes, Roee debuted at Northern this year to make you enjoy and smile with his practical art pieces. 
Tel Aviv是以色列最國際化的文化之都,受到中東及歐洲薰陶的設計師Roee Magdassie,作品多遊走與當代藝術和極簡建築之間,今年首度在Northern以幾何型態及繪製圖形的實用設計出道。


Designed to integrate as part of your life, SENTRUM is designed in maximum usability with S-shaped storage space on both sides under the round table top, for magazines, books, vases and anywhere to display on the smooth surface. Let the 2020 new Taupe & Burnt Orange painted metal be the central spot of your home. (Available in 4 colours, Weight 9kg)

Designed by/ 設計者 Schmahl + Schnippering

Schmahl + Schnippering - Maximilian Schmahl and Fabian Schnippering, the two German designers, who have been working together since collages. With their shared love for details and soft forms, they believed that part of cultures are formed with designs that people can integrate into their life. They designed By Your Side Table for Skagerak as well. Again, it is a smart and people-oriented one in aluminium with thin grooves to slide away rainwaters. And of course, light in weight for both in and outdoor.

8. Textured top and clean legs

A piece can be a major cast or a complement, contemporary or classic, everyone has their own interpretation, including functional art. From material source, form of design, brand history, traditional craftsmanship, inspirations and the relationship between designers, every single aspect is to be studied thoroughly and respectfully.

Stockholm | Breda

Stockholm Collection itself says a lot with very little, including its unique 3mm aluminium covering top, bevelled edges and flat surface. Breda Collection has a slightly concave surface along its perimeter and of course every single element having their own mission. Both available in textured MDF/ wooden tops with Punt’s iconic clean and straight 3-legs in solid wood.

Designed by/ 設計者 Mario Ruiz | Borja García

Borja García and Mario Ruiz designed a number of occasional series for both home and contract areas with PUNT and the Gandia Blasco Group from furniture to rugs.
兩位設計師均為punt設計了不少家/商用均可的系列,並與Gandia Blasco/ Gan Rugs定期合作推出多款由手工地毯到高質素的室內外系列。


Explore more designs 瀏覽更多設計品: by Borja García | Mario Ruiz

9. With handle
Come Here | Don't Leave Me

Grab and place it somewhere you like! Both of them have a 3-legged construction with one leg extending through the table top as a handle. From white pigmented, smoked to black painted solid oak, Woud - Come Here (3.2kg) presents its softness with high-quality material and acts as your lovely companion next to bed, sofa and in the reading corner. Hay - DLM (4, 7.2kg) Don’t Leave Me appears in 2 sizes and 6 finishes with powder coated steel for inside use at home, office and even cafes and restaurants. (Unfortunately, DLM is no longer available for pre-order at Establo.

兩款三腳邊桌的扶手均由其中一隻檯腳延伸,方便提起擺放,適用床邊、家中之餘,亦適用與咖啡廳、餐廳等社交休憩空間。Come Here (3.2kg) 每一個邊角都呈圓弧型,溫潤的純橡木有著自然清晰的紋理及良好厚實的觸感。Don’t Leave Me DLM (4, 7.2kg)則由粉末噴漆塗層鋼製成,顏色選項較多,並配有兩種大小。

Designed by/ 設計者 Steffen Juul | Thomas Bentzen
© Woud | Hay

Both of the two designers are firmly rooted in Danish design tradition with the drive to create timeless designs. Steffen Juul’s designs live with love and joy with the intention to make people interact since 1996. Thomas Bentzen hopes to create meaningful, simple and functional designs for everyday life. He designed the Cover chair, Around side/coffee table, Linear table/chair, Loft chair collections and elevated vase for Muuto as well.

10. 2 layers

Cuatro | Halves

Cuatro means four in Spanish. It is made with four E1 (low formaldehyde content) MDF fibreboards and natural oak wood veneer in 2 directions for all corners and oak/ Punt’s iconic metallic varnishes (newly added this year).

Halves is made by cutting and welding large sheets of acrylic stone in Muuto’s iconic composite. The side table speaks for Muuto’s softness in its sleek surface, seamless joints and low saturation hue.


Designed by/ 設計者 Nathan Yong | MSDS studio
© Punt | Muuto

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