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Danish design brand Skagerak puts a large focus in wood-crafted furniture and home accessories. Together with the high standard of craftsmanship, their products enhance the Nordic sense for both indoor & outdoor living spaces. Skagerak's indoor collection covers an extensive range - from chairs, stools, table, cabinets, to dining utensils and home decor, natural beauty is brought to the interiors effortlessly.

Take a look at some of our selections here - many of them are part of a series but would also match easily with other furniture based on personal preferences. 

Skagerak - Maissi Bench

丹麥家具設計品牌 Skagerak 的產品,大部分均用上木材作為出發點,透過高超工藝將濃厚北歐因子帶到室內以至戶外的生活空間。當中室內系列覆蓋座椅、餐桌、儲物櫃,加上餐具與家品,為起居添上一層自然美。以下跟大家介紹部分室內家具,不少產品皆為系列裡的一員,配搭整個系列使用,或隨個人喜好襯上其他家具,均能為家居帶來新鮮感。 

Skagerak - Georg Stool

Georg Stool

In a warm meeting between Nordic sensuality and Japanese minimalism, Georg Stool strikes a solitary pose. Georg’s DNA is characterized by its slender wooden poles and rounded edges crafted from oak. A braided leather strap keeps the soft, woolen cushion in place on the seat, fulfilling the material encounter of textile, skin and wood.

Georg 矮凳揉合北歐風與日本設計界所推祟的極簡主義,以幼身橡木凳腳承托著座椅位置,造出輕盈感覺。矮凳同時備有羊毛製座墊,並以編織皮革帶固定於座椅之上,將三種不同物料無縫結合。

Designed by / 設計者 Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm


Skagerak - Jut Cabinet

Jut Cabinet

Jut Cabinet is a modern cabinet for the living room and hallway with long, round legs & brass-handles on the doors. The left room is empty while the rooms on the mid and right are each divided by a removable shelf. The top comes in either oak or marble.

Jut Cabinet 富有簡約的現代感,有著較長的櫃腳,而門邊則採用了鍍以黃銅的門柄作為低調的點綴,亦可選用橡木或雲石作櫃面修飾。櫃裡設計也同樣精緻,備有不同間隔供用家靈活運用。

Designed by / 設計者 Thomas Jenkins


Skagerak - Maissi Bench

Maissi Bench

Round yet edgy, Maissi Bench is an artistic two-person bench inspired by the handrails from old stairs and industrial machinery. The narrow style and clean cuts make it perfect for welcoming guests in the hallway or as an extra seat in the living room.

充滿藝術氣息的 Maissi 兩座位長凳靈感源自古老的樓梯扶手及工業機械配件,既有圓滑的靠背與扶手,亦有結實的座位外型,適用於玄關位置迎接客人,或是作為置放在客廳的一張特色長椅。

Designed by / 設計者 Wesley Walters & Salla Luhtasela


Skagerak - Hven Table

Hven Table

Hven Table is made from solid oak with a stunning grain pattern and remarkable durability. A soft, minimalist design, characterized by round legs and corners, making it easy to combine with other items in the living room.

Hven 餐桌以實木造成,桌面紋理分明而且非常耐用。桌腳及桌面邊緣均以圓邊修飾,其簡單、柔和的設計令產品容易與其他家具成為一精美的組合。

Designed by / 設計者 Anton Björsing


Skagerak - Vent Stool

Vent Stool

With its slim, black steel frame and classical seat of braided paper cord, Vent Stool has an organic look that will easily complement both modern and traditional interiors. 'Vent' means 'wait' in Danish - and the stool was originally designed to offer people a seat at museums while enjoying the artworks. The seat is hand-made in collaboration with the Danish socio-economic company 'Blindes Arbejde' which employs visually impaired people in the manufacturing of traditional, handcrafted design.

Vent 矮凳的鋼製外型貼近現代設計,而其以編織紙繩製成的座位則帶有一絲典雅感,穿越古今的風格令它合用於不同的室內氛圍。"Vent" 於丹麥語中有著 "等待" 的意思,而這張矮凳最初就是為博物館裡的參觀者而設。此外,Vent 矮凳是 Skagerak 與丹麥社會企業 Blindes Arbejde 聯合手工製作而成,企業專於聘請視障人士參與製作成品,令製作過程亦具社會意義。

Designed by / 設計者 Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm

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