Sofa & Lounge

Sofa & Lounge

See some of our favourites to get a refreshing living space to gather with your friends and family.

新年伊始,迎接新的自己同時,也正好為家居轉新裝- 藉此機會點綴一下家中與摯友親朋相聚的空間啦。 

Fly Series

Fly by &tradition

Fly is a series that allows users to sit, lie, rest and relax without imposing a particular posture onto the sitters. The frame of the series is made from treated solid oak, which will just age gracefully with time. With lounge chair and sofas available, Fly makes “lounging to the fullest” possible with a range of flexible combinations.

Designed by Space Copenhagen

Fly 系列讓用家能以自己喜愛的姿勢放鬆。系列備有梳化及休閒椅選擇,其實木外框會隨年月更替變得更為優美大方,而座位帶來的舒適感亦令用家可盡情享受坐於其中的時光。

設計者:Space Copenhagen


Loafer SeriesLoafer SC23 Lounge Chair

Loafer by &tradition

Loafer is an elegant collection originally designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Denmark that would look lovely everywhere. The series offers the utmost comfort to users with its full upholstery and sophisticated craftsmanship. Available in lounge chair, two-seater and three-seater sofas, they easily become ideal, luxurious centrepieces for interiors.

Designed by Space Copenhagen

原為丹麥 SAS Royal Hotel 設計的 Loafer 系列有著大氣的外觀,令產品同樣適用於家居格局。整張 Loafer 以布料完全包裹,為用家帶來最愜意的體驗。系列包括休閒椅、雙座位及三座位梳化,組合或個別使用均能輕易成為空間的核心家具。

設計者:Space Copenhagen


Outline SofaOutline Series

Outline by Muuto

The Outline Series adds new perspectives to the classic Scandinavian design sofas of the 1960s, marrying the ideals of simplicity and function into one. It is a series with clean and elegant outside while having a deep seat and soft cushioning inside. The wide range of configurations ensure vast possibilities to match the needs of every unique living space.

Designed by Anderssen & Voll

Outline 系列集簡潔與實用於一身,以輪廓分明的線條包覆深座位設計。有著外剛內柔特質的 Outline 備有不同大小與款式,能配合不同起居空間的使用要求靈活運用。

設計者:Anderssen & Voll

Gin SofaGin Sofa

Gin by Punt

Gin is a collection of modular sitting units with or without backs for resting comfortably. With its variants available, the Gin can be used in group as sofa, or as lounge chair singly to fit at home.

Designed by Terence Woodgate

Gin 是一系列的組合座位,可獨立作休閒椅使用,亦可組合而成一張多座位的梳化。Gin 的多變、自由,使它能活用於家中客廳。

設計者:Terence Woodgate


Beetle SofaBeetle Lounge

Beetle by Gubi

Just like the Beetle Dining Chair, Beetle Sofa and Beetle Lounge Chair also have rounded, protective outer shells combined with a soft inside. GamFratesi has been closely observing the beetle to accurately reinterpret the characteristics elements into the series.

Designed by GamFratesi

Beetle 梳化及休閒椅與系列的餐椅無異,擁有弧形外殼與柔軟內在。設計組合 GamFratesi 透過觀察甲蟲,無瑕地將其可取特點演繹至此系列的設計之上。



Cloud LN2 SofaCloud Series

Cloud by &tradition

Cloud series embraces users friendly with its soft cushions and pillows, while maintaining a structured external silhouette. Both high-back and low-back versions provide maximum comfort within compact dimensions, making it perfectly suited for contemporary living spaces.

Designed by Luca Nichetto

Cloud 系列配有柔軟的靠墊,令用家能享受被環抱的舒適感。同時,高身與低身版本均有著結實的輪廓,在提供寫意感覺之餘亦保持小巧的外型,特別適合現代家居的需要。

設計者:Luca Nichetto

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