The Modern Freeform Mirage 現代多元的形態意象

實用與美觀相輔相成,Ferm Living全新SS21 Collection透過現代多元的形態給予意象,讓人自由選擇使用方式,探索並塑造讓自己感到最舒適的空間,找到最真切的歸屬感。

The latest SS21 collection from Ferm Living correlates functionality and aesthetics in a modern freeform, which encourages comprehensive searches to freely define and redefine the use of furnishings and creates space for individuals where they can truly feel themselves.

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SS21推出的Herman Dining Chair2-Seater框架添上實木的選項,為簡潔的鋼鐵系列添一份實淨自然。2-seater是Ferm Living首張2人座椅,椅背呈弧形使背部更貼合,在用餐的時間把全家拉在一起,舒適地互動團聚,讓人們在每個得來不易的瞬間好好凝聚情感。

Herman系列以設計師的姓氏命名,由丹麥的Herman Studio設計, 座位椅背的弧度、支撐框架的邊角、系列整體延伸度等,從繪畫起稿、製作初型、取材工藝等,每一細部都是設計師的心血結晶。 他們曾為Skagerak設計可摺疊的純鋼鐵Picnic TablePicnic Stool等可自由定義用途的傢俬。

Addition to the metal version, the Herman Dining Chair is newly framed with solid wood for a sense of sturdiness, whereas the Herman 2-Seater Chair is a curved bench as to foster intimacy between the two and a curved backrest to support the human body properly for carrying conversations before and after dinner.

Named with the last name of the designers, Herman Studio created the Herman Collection from sketches and protocol with extra attention on the angle of the curved backrest, edges of frames and future potentials; which they also created folding Picnic Table and stackable Picnic Stool for Skagerak years ago.

Miru Glass Montre物件擺放的方式連繫給予者及接收者對生活及藝術的想像,傳遞著微弱的情感訊息冀望引起注意共鳴。Haze鋼鐵收納系列有波浪紋的鐵線或卜竹玻璃,模糊物件的型態同時保持隱私;Miru Glass Montre木底玻璃櫃則將物件的本質展現得清晰透徹,是個可以安放展示回憶寶物的空間。疊起數個玻璃櫃,偶爾更換位置,讓那些不再碰觸的玩偶模型車、記憶中親手製作的瓷器變得鮮明有趣。

Position of furnishings transmits and creates resonance for people to reimagine the correlation of life and art. Reeded and wired glass of the steel storage Haze Collection blur and secure your items in a sense of privacy, whereas the delicate glass of Miru Glass Montre displays your beloved treasure crystal clear. Stack and interchange the montres once in a while to wake up your childhood toy and wipe away the dust on top of the hand-made ceramic bowls from your beloved ones.

Podia Table/ 遠看或許誤以為Podia Table又是座沉重的鋼鐵,實際上是張具隱藏魔法的木製茶几;除去帶有底座的實木傢俬的那份笨拙沉重,橫木紋檯面配搭底座的直條坑紋,拿起橢圓的檯面便能看到兩格容量頗大收納空間,是個收起客廳雜物的異空間。

Podia is basically a mirage when the magical storage wooden coffee table appears as another piece of ponderous metal. Another dimension with two intervals is hidden in the vertical veined base, which goes geometry with removing the horizontal grained table top for extra storage.

Vuelta PendantWall Lamp氣氛這種微妙的東西主宰著我們對家的歸屬感,一盞外型高度恰好的吊燈能拉高樓底擴大空間感,同時以燈光暖和度營造相對放鬆的氛圍。圓柱形的Vuelta吊燈有著波浪紋表面的半透光玻璃及拉絲金屬,工作或用餐時可用遙控調至最亮,深夜時又能降至昏黃的色調,溫和地散發暖白的光線,屬於晚間的靜謐流動。

A right pendant with the right height and form creates an exaggerated effect as somewhere spacious to stay, inhale and exhale to feel yourself. Vuelta Pendant/ Wall lamp draws repetitive waves on the opal glass and brushed brass/ steel. Vuelta comes with a remote that you can switch to the brightest for exceptional focus on dinner/ work and turn it dimmer to go along with the movement of silence at night.

Light, music and furnishings lead interaction between people and the space, where intimacy and memories are deeply correlated as a safe place to rest in this era. 

// Stay safe and healthy //

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