The Delightful Drawing 親手繪畫的樂趣

溫潤、簡潔、經典著稱的北歐設計,也有著務實卻跳脫的一派,以古靈精怪的現代形態點綴繁複的日常。Normann Copenhagen的SS21 Collection由合作多年的年輕設計師Simon Legald操刀,享受親手建造繪畫的樂趣,將革新創意顯化成以雲石為中心的立體模型。

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To enjoy the delightful moment, increasing contemporary designs come with a wicked sense of humor out of the minimalistic golden classics in the world of Scandinavian Design. Normann Copenhagen turns innovation into actual objects with their Danish old friend, Simon Legald in the SS21 season.

Bit Stool
/ 循環再造的塑膠燒至120度熔點反複塑形,為Bit打上調皮的馬賽克,滿是水磨石的紋理,一粒室內外適用的棋子型茶几或小凳子。

Under multiple melting and shaping at 120 degree, Bit stool is pixelated with purely household and industrial plastic in clear cut as a chess-like column for daily use.

Scala Table/ 古希臘凹凸槽紋的石柱多半高大粗壯,鏈接地基承抵頂部的重量,Scala的四條扁柱之間則選擇鏤空,並因應檯面尺寸加大加闊,保持十字構成的集中平穩。

Columns from Ancient Greece are known as the name of sturdiness in groovy appearance. To retain the concentration, Scala Collection is formed with 4 flat columns with distance adjusted according to the size of table top.
Allez Chair/ 隱約帶80年代末法國餐館的文藝風情,座椅是NC首個組件式的設計,用料選擇了輕巧卻堅固的PP,方便移動同時室內外適用。

Light and sturdy enough to carry from indoor to outdoor, polypropylene is injected moulded as the sole material of Allez Chair with the form of French bistro setting from the late 1800 century.Allez Table/ 餐桌的鑄鐵檯腳則可逐一調節高低至平穩,實木/雲石/鋼鐵的檯面配合各種空間氛圍,好好繼承咖啡餐桌的傳統形態。

Traditional form and shape are passed on the Allex Table with adjustable glides, cast iron bases and variants of table top for private and public contexts. Lunar Table/ 抬頭借用滿月的輪廓,走入辦公室/大堂,雲石面映照吊燈天花,圓形的意象不言而喻。

A shape of full moon does not necessarily mean a circular form, but carefully curated marble top to capture and reflect the pendant lamp hanging on the ceiling of co-working and open areas. Form Café Table/ 是2014年NC與初出茅廬的丹麥設計師Simon Legald的合作,至今系列款式多於數十款;21年為Form Café Table加入可圓可方的心態及四種高度,分別有65至74.5cm的餐桌及94.5至104.5的吧檯。

Form Collection designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen, has developed over 30 versions for almost any occasion since their very first launch in 2014. In this season, Form Cafe Table comes with round and rectangular form in 4 heights, Dining Table from H65 - 74.5cm and Bar Table from H94.5 - 104.5cm.

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