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We used to keep things in full height custom-made shelves and cabinets to make use of every single square feets in such a scarce land. Place things in where they belong and let them speak naturally in their own language comfortably and silently. The combination of wood, glass and brushed metal might give a much more spacious impression with installations of loose storage units.
↑ Virka屬年輕派的幾何線條及現代工整,是純色牆壁前素雅輕盈的櫃體。橡木櫃身在對稱幼細的黑鋼骨架上懸空,拉開角落的黑色小門把,便能看見背板底下的收線孔,收納整理所有物。頂層用來展示或擺放容易憑空消失的鑰匙橡筋,兩款大小在玄關旁、電視下、餐桌後、窗邊床尾也剛好順手。不論迷你多肉還是高身幼細的盆栽,玩偶模型還是相片海報,也會與簡潔的設計共存得平衡易懂。

Stand in front of a clear painted wall and keep things behind the sliding door with tiny black handles on the two sides. Black geometrical and symmetrical frame hovers over the floor and organizes cables with a tiny hole on the backboard. To create a simple and elegant aesthetic, keep those pretty things at glance on the top panel with cut edges like scented candles, greenery or keys that often disappear from time to time.

Virka Sideboard is designed by Mark Wedel & Rasmus Røpke, the two friends that keep consumers, the people in mind to create precise and concise designs without sacrificing either functional or aesthetic; as a highboard at the foyer or behind the dining table, a lowboard at the end of your bedroom or living room.

↑ Chicago Sideboard是靠牆置放的建築模型,Norm Architects用他們擅長的鋼鐵支撐及對稱結構,懸空頂層減輕三款物料的視覺重量,同時穩固抵受雲石板及木製櫃體的重量。物料間的紋理橫豎前後一致,有著煙熏色玻璃或木面的下拉式櫃門,可當作通透的半腰屏風劃分工作/用餐/休閒區域。更可內嵌感應式LED燈條,來辨認收藏在內裡的深色物品。

Based on comprehensive research on materials and experience in making furnishings with metal, Norm Architects designed the Chicago Sideboard with marble, glass, wood and metal. Standing against the wall as a building or anywhere indoor as a room divider, the top panel floats in air to reduce the visual weight of the heavy marble top, while the wooden cabinet is supported by sturdy and symmetrical metal frames. Whereas, flip-down doors in smoked glass or wood veneer create continuous grains with the top panel and nicely concealed solid wood frame. Internal LED lighting with movement sensors is also available for locating items by moving your feet under the cabinet in dark.

↑ 驟眼看似一般直紋木櫃的CH825 Credenza,木捲門的接合位幾乎完美藏在前後密封的矮櫃內。兩塊正方形的薄鐵片嵌上木門把,往兩邊拉開聽見咔咔聲之時,率先出現的是四個以指接榫接的木盤抽屜(可取出另外使用),再到兩邊的木板間隔,更可選擇木圓腳或鐵製弧形長方腳來配合整體空間。



↑ At first sight, CH825 Credenza comes as an ordinary wooden cabinet with simply vertical grain. However, the fully accessible interior with roller shutter doors requires superior professional craftsmanship to keep the joints and connections hidden in the continuous veneer surface. Pull the two vertical wooden knobs on the pieces of square thin metal while hearing the sound of click. Four finger joined wooden trays come first as the center of the three compartments, which can be removed as dining trays and pulled out for documents lying at the back. Whereas, the other two compartments come with an adjustable wooden shelf.

Use it for a small pile of salt on handmade ceramic plates or frames of lovely memories on top of the credenza by the foyer, documents and folders inside the cabinet at the end of the bedroom, routers and speakers on top of the credenza with cables going from the top to the back under the wall-mounted screen

Every piece has their respect in proper authentication and authorisation. Attention to details, mortise and tenon, grains and veins explain the value of preserving and inheriting classic designs throughout the phases from introduction, golden age, declination to relaunch for over a hundred and ten years in the history of Scandinavian design.

↑ Panton Wire以工整並排的金屬線圈結成,是通透四正的方形或薄身的長方形,上牆、落地、疊加隨時變動:添數個迷你掛鉤是懸空袋子衣服的壁櫃、與玻璃雲面石板配合是客廳睡房的茶几邊桌、擺放鬧鐘同時整理電線的床頭櫃 、讓碗盤陶瓷通風的牆架、讓電線整然有序的落地電視櫃、梳化旁的雜誌架、堆疊多層的通透屏風或是書架文件置物櫃,隨你而定。

↑ Panton wire 
system is loops of symmetrical metal wires in forms of cube and cuboid. The storage system can be mounted on the wall with hooks as shelves or cloth rack, placed on the floor with a top panel as a side or coffee table, organised cables under the television in lines as a TV bench, kept magazines and books with inlay panels right next to the sofa as a magazine holder or stacked up a few pieces as a full height bookcase or room divider. It’s all on you.

↑ Monument Magazine Holder是低調發亮的銅鋼雲石,放上數本正在閱讀的書、整理手邊的筆記草稿、正在叉電的平板手機、喜歡的小擺設;木製也好、鋼鐵也好、玻璃也好,在銅鋼面上也會集中焦點視線,也能空置獨自安份地待著。若習慣隨手將書本雜誌文件堆疊在電視櫃或茶几邊櫃上,四正卻個性的雜誌架,是盆栽以外適合營造氛圍,同時實用的室內擺設。

Menu Space: The magazines we buy and the books we read speak volumes. We elevate the magazine holder to a piece of furniture that rarely receives the aesthetic attention it deserves. The sleek, sharply designed Monuments Magazine Holder puts our reading habits and intellectual curiosities on display as artwork. Its plinth-like marble base of two identical blocks imbues the bronze brushed holder with a monumental, architectural feel.

“Scandinavian” lifestyle is more on your own comfort and desire rather than simply clean, minimalistic or bright colourways. There are people who have to put everything inside the shelves to keep the interior in a tidy manner, while some do categorise items casually in a handy manner. We’d love to assist you in selecting the most suitable storage system among materials, styles and sizes, don’t forget to make an appointment in advance.

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