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Take a look at our selections to create a timeless, stylish corner of comfort at your living space for mingling during festive seasons, or simply for daily relaxation!

於 Establo,無論是不朽經典還是嶄新設計均一應俱全,你定可找到心儀的款式,建立一個充滿格調的空間,讓你得以放鬆心情、盡情享受與家人朋友相聚的時光! 


Catch by &tradition

With its outstretched arms like a friend ready to greet you with a warm, welcoming hug, the Catch Lounge Chair offers you a personalized experience to sit down and relax in an intimate setting – which is indeed irresistible.

Designed by Jaime Hayon

Catch Lounge 外型像是一雙準備擁用家入懷的手,任何時候都給予人熱情的招待。坐在裏頭,用家可得到無可抗拒的舒適感,徹底地放鬆身心。

設計師:Jaime Hayon


Fauteuil de Salon

Fauteuil de Salon by Vitra

Rediscovered in the archives of the French engineer Jean Prouve, Fauteuil de Salon is a unified architectural object with a comfortable seat surface and backrest. It is a piece of structural aesthetic to be fitted into any atmosphere.

Designed by Jean Prouve

從法國工程師的資料檔案中發掘出來的 Fauteuil de Salon 本身的外型已是件美學品,加上其令人感到無比安逸的座位及靠背,使其輕易融入於所有場合。

設計師:Jean Prouve


A. Cortese

A. Cortese by Punt

Designed with a love from another age, the A. Cortese is chivalrous, virtuous and refined, having a particular curved plywood back and solid wood plinth to combine with an upholstered seat that define the brand.

Designed by Monica Armani

A. Cortese 梳化將上世代的特點重塑在現代裡延續下去,特別的弧線木板椅背及實木底座,加上布面座位設計,無瑕地配合 Punt 所推祟的美學。

設計師:Monica Armani


Armchair 400 "Tank"

Armchair 400 “Tank” by Artek

Armchair 400 was created in 1936 for an exhibition at the Milan Triennale, owing its nickname “Tank” to its distinctive wide and sturdy armrests. A favourite since the first day of creation, it remains effortlessly modern and can be upholstered in a various materials.

Designed by Alvar Aalto

Armchair 400 原於 1936 年為米蘭三年設計展而創作,因其獨有的外型酷似坦克而被暱稱為 Tank。隨年月過去,Armchair 400 的設計依然貼近時代,保有永恆的經典地位。

設計師:Alvar Aalto



Mags by HAY

Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details, the welcoming Mags Sofa ensures what lies beyond its strong aesthetic presence has an equally lasting impact. Modular in nature, it can be fully customised to suit any room and matched with one’s personality.

Mags 梳化務求以最簡約的設計令用家得到最舒適的體驗,而其模組設計的特點令用家能按照個人喜好與不同空間的需要,選擇最合適的組合。


Slow Chair

Slow Chair by Vitra

The Slow Chair combines soft comfort with ergonomic support, which is further enhanced by thin seat and back cushions. In the living room or on a sun porch, it maintains an understated presence while offering superb comfort to the user.

Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Slow Chair 設計上顧及柔軟舒適感之餘,亦同樣照顧到人體工學支撐的需要。加上薄座位及隨休閒椅附上的靠墊,放置在客廳便能為用家帶來一個理想的休閒位置。

設計師:Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


Mademoiselle Lounge Chair

Mademoiselle Lounge Chair by Artek

The Mademoiselle Lounge Chair is made from solid birch. Specifically developed for the home, the spoke back contrasts strikingly with the smooth modernist curves of the seats’ softly rounded edge.

Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara

Mademoiselle Lounge Chair 以樺木造成,特別為起居空間創作出來。椅背的直間巧妙地與座位的圓邊相映成趣,形成現代感濃厚的設計。

設計師:Ilmari Tapiovaara



Can by HAY

Available as 1, 2, or 3-seaters, Can Sofa has a simple and elegant design which offers good functionality and comfort at the same time. The clean outlook makes it easily accessible as a choice for relaxation in a wide range of private and public envionments.

Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

Can 梳化外型簡單卻不失優雅,備有單座位、雙座位及三座位三款選擇,具有高度功能性於不同場合使用,同時為用家提供非常舒適的休閒感覺。

設計師:Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


Afteroom Lounge Chair

Afteroom Lounge Chair by Menu

The Afteroom Lounge Chair is a wonderful piece of design that provides you with a majestic posture. An extremely lightweight lounge chair, it is easy to be moved around. The aniline leather of the seat and back will age with time and add character to the product as well.

Designed by Afteroom

Afteroom Lounge Chair 造型壯麗且優雅,皮革座位及椅背隨日月更替亦會使每張休閒椅變得獨一無二;而輕盈的設計令用家容易按日常需要移動椅子到每個角落使用。




Uchiwa by HAY

A capacious armchair, Uchiwa got its name and shape the from the traditional Japanese hand fan. Generous and inviting, new and familiar, it is a soft lounge chair that can be utilized everywhere.

Designed by Doshi Levien

闊落的 Uchiwa 休閒椅,名字與外型均取自日本傳統的團扇。外觀大方而吸引,無論於何處使用亦同樣適宜。

設計師:Doshi Levien