Trending 2020 - Back to the Mid-Century

Own a space filled with aesthetically pleasing items -  a belief that most of us shared or a goal to be achieved in life. In recent years, an increasing number of small lifestyle stores are established with the aspirations of sharing decorative art like tiny daily accessories and utensils with love and aesthetics.


Mid-century modern furniture has always been evolving; Some keep traditional techniques with new materials, some sculpted with traditional mediums from scratch with more efficient techniques.

“All about art and traditions"

Take a look at the following, and explore their value by immersing yourself into the world of functional art.

Muuto dots ceramic
Muuto - Dots Ceramic

One of Muuto’s iconic items is The Wooden Dots while the new artful icon - Ceramics launched in 2019. Glaze on top reacts differently under light, as well as a surprise gift when unboxing such incredible pieces.

Wondering if the younger you have ever tried earthenware claying? Similar to hand claying, (1) clay liquid is poured into moulds; (2) formed at 1000°C after being polished with a wet sponge. And (3) kiln again at 1100°C after dyeing in a water-based solution.  gubi epic table

Gubi - Epic Table - Coffee Table / Dining Table

Inspired by Greek columns and Roman architecture, Epic table is made in Italy. Solely crafted in travertine stone, showmanship of natural veins will eventually patinate throughout years with new details every single day.

Menu space  Androgyne collection Menu - Androgyne Table Collection - Side / Lounge  / Dining 

Crafted from Kunis Breccia stone - which was used on limited scale by ancient Egyptians, such monumental design is renowned in warm hues with natural veins and mineral fragments. Back in the days that functional arts were made of one single material.

ferm living distinct side table

FL - Distinct Side Table / Coffee Table

Neoplasticism - abstract with only vertical and horizontal lines in black, white and primary colours; Distinct Side table comes from Japanese minimalism, with only acrylic stone as the sole element for its complex structures. A highly durable piece in contrast to the sense of luxurious, minimalism of the composition have been accentuated. Available in sole Travertine as well. 

carl hansen & son wishbone chair ch24

Carl Hansen & Søn - CH24 Wishbone Chair

CH24 Wishbone Chair by Wegner Like Klint - taking archetype from cuture, 1930s Wegner studied the Ming dynasty one in lesson and came up with this iconic chair last for years. Combining back and armrest into one with more than 100 steps, Y-shaped is developed for the sake of comfortable support. 

Still known as the ideal chair in Danish functional art industry.

artek stool 60

Artek - Stool 60 

Designed in 1933 - back to the start of mid-century, Alvar Aalto crafted the most cherished, elemental functional art ever in history of design - Stool 60. Stackable piece with only solid wood and nails, produced with 42 steps in Finland A-Factory millions times, Stool 60 is literally a must have item for everyone. (Sometimes, you may sort out a 4-legged one, Stool E60 - the cousin of Stool 60.)

menu space 

Back to basics, their value as a functional art cannot be defined by a simple or single clue, but to appreciate and share their stories behind the scenes. Put it in another way, bring you back to the good-old-days, and get back to the simplicity.

Stay tuned for the next blog post for more trends in 2020.

//Wish you all safe and healthy//

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