Trending 2020 - Biophilia: The Love of Nature

"People are innately affiliated with nature" - Edward O. Wilson, 1984

Nature is originating in the mind of people (based on the Biophilia Hypothesis), appreciating nature has been universally or at least mostly suggested. Bringing nature closer to daily life has been growing white hot in the era of spending much time indoors than ever. 

natural living

Talking about the environment, we are taught to love and to be friendly to nature with smart and sound choices. Being ecological and responsible, ethical manufacturing has been deeply grounded in Scandinavian designs.

Ferm Living Way Rug Ferm Living - Way Rug

ferm living way rug

This upcycling rug is hand-woven with used plastic bottles from 48 to 292 units depending on sizes. No worries, it does not appear as plastic, but can be used outdoors with incredible durability. Way Rug looks exactly the same as usual rugs with twists along the two sides asymmetrically. 

carl hansen and son
Danish design over 100 years, Carl Hansen & Son has been committing the inseparable relationship between great design and sustainable production. Certified to produce with FSC-C135991, their uncompromising craftsmanship is literally based on honesty with the highest quality materials; Wood from sustainably managed forests, biodegradable paper cord from renewable forest and upholstery from strictly controlled producers.

 Børge Mogensen
Danish furniture designer Børge Mogensen designed a series of outdoor furniture in the late 1960s, wishing to create furniture that occupies the least space. Carl Hansen & Son then reissued the series to help people rethink their relationship with nature.
carl hansen and son outdoor

BM3670 | Dining Table

Spaced rivets created straightforward silhouette in untreated FSC certified teak; Fold up the flats when not in use which was once prepared for designer’s own balcony. Saving space by hanging it up or leaning it on any of your walls as decoration .

carl hansen and son

BM5868 | Side Table

Even though BM5868 is crafted with untreated teak with FSC certified, a lightweight frame makes it easy to carry. Foldable design for spontaneous outdoor or indoor gatherings.   

BM4570 | Dining Chair

Foldable outdoor chair in weather resistant Sunbrella fabric, slatted BM4570 can be stored neatly in any space with profound durability.

Relatively younger Skagerak has its 40 years in crafting real long-lasting furniture and accessories. Having various certificates including FSC-C004462 (sustainable wood sourcing in the world), PEFC (from Canada) and B-corp to avoid contributing to deforestation, Skagerak continues for its high transparency in its global supply chain. They have been working on encouraging people to start from themselves, thinking about society, environment and of course the planet.

Most of Skagerak's objects are from FSC certified pure OAK or TEAK.

skagerak indskud tray table

Skagerak - Indskud Tray Table

A classic tray table with liftable tabletop as tray, created by Danish Designer Terkel Skou Steffensen. In his wish to create understandable functional objects, Indskud Tray Table is perfect in any rooms to serve drinks, snacks and even meals to lie in bed for the whole day.
skagerak cutter bench

Skagerak - Cutter Bench

Designed by Danish designer Niels Hvass, inspired by the German Bauhaus movement. Conheren frame of a slatted seat, Cutter Bench is expressed effortlessly in most indoor spaces. 

Skagerak Cutter Seat

Skagerak - Cutter Seat

Fold down and have a seat to get ready. Tie your shoes and ready to go out. Deeply grounded in Nordics no-nonsense in space-saving with high-quality materials.

Skagerak Cutter Wardrobe

Skagerak - Cutter Wardrobe (Soon available for pre-order)

Hang up your blazers, shirts, coat racks, small items etc. Specially suitable for narrow hallways and small spaces.


At the end of the day, sustainable design with lasting quality is always the key throughout time. Greening your space with natural materials is not always bad, but in a correct way to conserve our precious nature. 

Stay tuned for the next blog post for more trends in 2020.

//Wish you all safe and healthy//

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artek 2nd cycle

P.S.I  Artek 2nd cycle searches used Aalto chairs and stool, reselling these old pieces to bring out the importance of conscious consumption, at the same time honouring the natural materials for the longevity of Artek furniture.

establo lifestyle store

P.S. II Scandinavian designs always stick to natural, functionality and simplicity. Focusing on links between people, aesthetics and nature, our office is also filled with plants, wood finish partitions, diffused lights and of course natural lights through glass walls.

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