Home Cafe 安在家中製作屬於自己的飲料

新年過後,疫情關係,週末除了行山外,想待一個較少人的地方安心舒適度過都很困難。倒不如安在家中,週末一起建造自己的飲料店吧! (就如各種倒飲料的ASMR部落客,在家中為自己精心準備一杯飲料一樣!)  / Due to coronavirus, it's been a hard time to sort out some safe place with less people. Let's stay home for a festive weekend & create your own home cafe like how lifestyle (ASMR) bloggers pouring drinks for themselves!


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MENU Wine Breather / HERE
換上手工製的醒酒瓶,加速香氣綻放,層次變得豐富而更柔順。 / Mouth-blown wine breather, let your premium wine stretch awhile from decades to release its aroma.

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Ripple Collection

握在手中凹凸的水波紋,四種不同幾何水平的手製紋理,放在陽光底下四散的漣漪,優雅的線條在煙灰色的玻璃更為明顯。 / Little waves in hand, 4 geometric level of mouth-blown ripples, put it on a side table under sunlight, elegance refract better in smoked grey glass.

* 飲料食譜星期四更新,敬請留意 / Drinks Recipe on Thursday, 
stay tuned !

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FERM LIVING Ripple Wine Glass / HERE
喜愛的飲料、一杯已醒的紅酒 / For your favourite drinks, red wine


ripple glass, glassware, tableware, home cafe, ferm living

FERM LIVING Ripple Glasses / HERE
倒上一杯水、一杯果汁、製作一杯帶橙香的濃縮咖啡通寧水、冰箱裡倒出冷泡茶 / For water, grapefruit juice, espresso tonic, cold brew tea

fein bottle opener, glassware, tableware, home cafe, fein bottle opener, brass, black brass

FERM LIVING Fein Bottle Opener / HERE
啞面黃銅制的開瓶器或是小飾品  / Solid brass with mat polish opener or decoration, it's all up to you.


ripple small glass, glassware, tableware, home cafe, ferm living

FERM LIVING Ripple Small Glasses / HERE
偶爾倒一杯雙份濃縮咖啡,用餐時放一杯醬料,其他則倒上一杯利口酒 / Size of doppio espresso, condiments, liqueur


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FERM LIVING Ripple Long Glasses / HERE
製作一杯熱情果果梳打、層次分明的抹茶拿鐵、高杯酒 / For passion fruit ade, matcha latte, highball

Fein Long Spoon / HERE
薄膜不鏽鋼製的攪拌匙 / Stirring spoon in stainless steel with PVD coating 


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FERM LIVING Champagne Saucer / HERE
顧名思義倒上一杯香檳、或者飯後一小杯甜品雪糕 / For champagne, ice-cream, dessert

FERM LIVING Fein Small Spoon / HERE
匙羹 / For dessert or measure salt or pepper 

siena blanket, artek design icon

ARTEK Blanket Siena / HERE
留在家看電影的時候,小心著涼 / Stay warm when watching movies at home


vitra love mug, design icon

VITRA Coffee Mug Love Heart / HERE
1971年設計,歐洲製造;紅色只有一對,金色只有一個。 / Designed in 1971, made in Europe. Only 2 units in red and 1 in gold.


若然要外出行山,冷熱兼容的保溫瓶更需要自備。由George Sowden設計的兩款水瓶,最適合不過。 / If going for hiking, it's absolutely important for a water bottle to contain both hot and cold water. Like the following 2 water bottles designed by George Sowden.

sowden bottle hay design

HAY Sowden Bottle / HERE

travel cup hay design

HAY Travel Cup / HERE



⍥ 建議大家可先瀏覽Instock頁面,直接網上結帳,寄到家中;或自取時花些時間探索每一個小角落,包括趟櫃後/底層、櫃頂、茶几上、餐檯上,或許會發現更多合心意的家居小飾品。 / Highly appreciated to go online, click thru INSTOCK page and check out directly; If you wish to pick up in person, observe & take a look at those little corners, you may find out sth much more interesting

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・Feb/14照常營業,煩請戴上口罩保護自己、愛護店員,先擦手再碰觸陳列傢俬。 / Open as usual on Feb/14,please do wear a face mask appropriately for the sake of yourself & our colleagues, and wash hands before touching display items.

// 願大家安全健康 / Wish you all safe & healthy//

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