Functional Elegance - Vase 居家實用又美觀的花樽

為了擴大空間感,多數家居 (尤其較小型的) 都以淺色/木色調為主,加上數枝長光管;比起刺眼的白燈管,在毫無日光的季節,北歐人更喜歡以數盞黃光手提燈、吊燈及地毯、花藝品點綴寬白的空間,擺放在淺灰色/木傢俬旁邊倍感溫馨。

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Bright tone interiors are widely preferred with white fluorescent tube, especially in smaller homes. Cozy portable lamps, warm textiles and fresh greenery are relatively more popular in Scandinavia, as they are literally indispensable during almost-no-sunlight seasons.

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Aer Vase

As air movement can only be seen through smoke and mist, Air/ vapour in Latin - Aer vase is designed to reflect clear and asymmetrical silhouette from the liquid-like smoked glass. Pampas grass and water plants are highly recommended to put in the sculpture for moving ripples and relieving stress.

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Designed by/ 設計者 Gabriel Tan ©Menu 

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Echasse Vase

Inspired by laboratory test tubes, the clear/ smoked drop-shaped Echasse Vase is lifted by elegant brass/black metal structure. How about keeping a few Baby’s Breath and or White Champak in such a clear glass and bronzed brass legs as a complement of compact spaces?

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Designed by/ 設計者 Theresa Rand ©Menu


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Mus Plant

Mouse in Danish - Mus has a pair of eyes, pointy nose and ears as handles, daily cleaning with lukewarm water . A solid color stoneware with clear glaze inside and unglazed sand and red brown appearance for crayons or short plants.


Designed by/ 設計者 ©Ferm Living 

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Amel Vase

Amel Vase looks like some of your water/ seasoning bottles glazed matte. In taupe, mustard yellow or rust varnishes, the 2 tubes stack together naturally for slim fresh flowers on a side table, dried plants on your work desk or large pampas grass right next to your sofa.

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Designed by/ 設計者 Aurélien Barbry ©Woud


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Troll Vase

Thickness of Troll Vase changes from solid bottom to nearly transparent bubble on top. Density of glass grades from dark to orange brown/ blackish green, use it as a pen/ makeup brush holder; you may also use it in group or seat on its own, put in some dried flowers with a few drops of petitgrain.

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Designed by/ 設計者 Andersen & Voll ©Menu

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Plant Box

Live the core of Ferm Living - “life is full of contrast”, from materials to rectangular shaped storage and thin/ sleek legs; From wall box, single layer to 2-tier, round to rectangular shape, Plant Box keeps its earthy tone in generous dimensions. Powder coated metal made boxes can store much more items than it seems to, like your mom’s beloved plants/ magazines/ remote controls and even alcohols or avocados that are not yet ready to eat. 

Ferm Living本著「生活原是充滿著對比」的中心,Plant Box以純鋼鐵的收納層及幼細堅固的支撐,由掛牆、單層/雙層、圓形/長方形,素淨的色調呈現各大小的幹練感。室內外均適用的它比想像中更能收納,擺放你喜愛的盆栽/模型/雜誌/文具/遙控器,甚至酒瓶和還需等待熟透的牛油果。加一塊層板、置放家中已有的瓷器/收納籃,搖身一變成為平日觀看影片用餐的淡雅邊桌,或當作床邊櫃放一盞檯燈;善用每一件家品好好整理走廊/角落跟沙發旁的空間,我們陳列室也有黑色的版本,擺放了數本品牌書籍及盆栽後還有不少空間。

You may add in your own clay pots/ baskets to create extra intervals and turn it into a chic side table by adding another wire top for meals/ snacks during Youtube time/ even a table lamp on as a bedside table. We’ve got a black one in our showroom as well for storing tons of our brand books and greenery in bau pot. An indoor plant stand or a balcony storage, the modern decorative functionality is all up to you.

Designed by/ 設計者  ©Ferm Living

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Wire Planter Pot

Inspired by Japanese gardening, Wire Pot is a powder coated steel pot & wire base combination for plants or your little items, designed with 3 heights and 3 colours for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Or you may choose to use it as a side table with a white or black marble top for a glass of wine, while your planters are having a sunbath on the balcony.

受到日系園藝的啟發,Wire Pot由花盆和底座組成,由防水塗層鋼鐵製成,室內外均可使用;盆身深度足夠放上數枝洋桔梗/蘭花,底座配有三種高度及黑/白/橄欖綠的顏色;把剛換水/土壤的花盆放在陽台,換作黑/白色的大理石面變成沙發旁的邊桌,放上一杯喜歡的飲料,暫歇一個下午。

Designed by/ 設計者 Norm Architects  ©Menu

The galvanized Bau Collection is a round pot in cool hues elevated by a crossed base in Bauhaus industrial expression. It has 2 sizes with drainage hole at the bottom (or a balcony box with hangers at the back). Stoneware-like steel planters in vertical strips can be placed right next to the Ripple glasses, shadow and silhouette doubles under sunlight. A few White Champaka with stalks makes every corner of your house smell pleasant as well. 

防銹的Bau Collection有著數款冷色調、兩種大小跟掛在露台的版本,盤底有排水位。直條紋理的陶瓷般的盆子載著帶花莖的白蘭花,旁邊置放數個Ripple玻璃,在陽光下互相輝映,淡淡清香貫穿整個房子,頗為療癒。

Designed by/ 設計者  ©Ferm Living

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Hourglass Pot

Hourglass Pot is made of brass plated metal in black matte finish with bright sound. With roomy space for roots to spread,both sides of the pot can be used based on types of plant. Apart from the ordinary luxuriant foliage, light and slim ones are widely preferred nowadays, like a tall cactus for both indoor and outdoor. (Wonder if you discover that there are bulk of wallpapers stored in the large pot on display?)

寬敞的Hourglass Pot 以黑色啞面的鍍黃銅鋼製做,輕敲會發出明亮的敲鑼聲音;上下可根據植物特性倒轉使用,有足夠空間讓植物根部延伸或可捨去一般的枝葉茂盛的,選擇有空氣感的幼細植物,高身的仙人掌也可以清新輕盈,室內外均可使用。(在陳列室的Large被我們用作收納一卷卷牆紙,其實室外也可使用)

Designed by/ 設計者  ©Ferm Living


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