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 “We believe timeless design can express personalities, evoke feelings, inspire people and create beautiful homes.”

WOUD devoted every eternal design is in 3 elements - meaning, purpose and functionality in the belief of “love at first sight”. Continuous effort in polygraphing innovation has been the top priority of WOUD in order to transform Nordic tradition into modern take.


WOUD was established by Mia and Toben Koed in May 2014 as a challenge to their 30 years experience in private label furniture. All collections are penetrated with lusciousness by anticipating the potential of upcoming designers and the established ones.
擁有30年經營傢俬品牌經驗的Mia & Toben Koed 於2014年5月創立了WOUD設計品牌。WOUD致力與世界各地具有潛力的新進以及有資歷的設計師將創新滲入所有作品。



Verde Coffee Table

Verde series is famous for its circular shape and metal construction to create a sense of simplicity. Nature applicability as the core of Rikke Frost’s design, the series is always ideal for flowers and plants. With the space between circular top comes in black, brown marble or white terrazzo and the oval-shaped metal construction in black, indoor green environment can be easily created. 


Verde系列以簡約的圓形設計及金屬結構聞名,系列中大部分作品均設有空間專門擺放花草植物,貫徹Rikke Frost堅持作品與大自然融合的設計理念。Verde Coffee Table的設計則鼓勵於上層的大理石板及底層呈橢圓形的金屬結構中間放置盆栽為生活增添一點綠。

Designed by / 設計師 Rikke Frost



Soround Coffee Table

With the inspiration from Nordic traditions, design of Studio Nur keeps its simplicity and high level of detail. Soround coffee table comes in 2 diameters, height and materials. The table top from Italian plywood in black gives a matte and smooth finishing. Light grey version in fibre concrete polish the softness of the circular table top. With the black table legs in powder coated metal, new interpretation of classic coffee table is formed. 

Studio Nur 的靈感多取自於北歐傳統設計風格,簡約卻不失精緻。Soround coffee table可由2種直徑長度、高度及材料自由搭配。黑色的桌面由義大利的膠合板所製,光滑表面呈現啞光效果;而柔和雅緻的淺灰色版本則由纖維混凝土所製,與黑色的金屬桌腳合拼成的咖啡桌煥然一新。

Designed by / 設計者 Studio Nur




Designer Michael Daae Christense has been working on sustainability, which Töjbox is made from pure oak wood without any nails. The wardrobe comes in 2 sizes and colors which are all woodcare treated. Töjbox is no random, every single part depicts Michael’s attention on little details. No matter entrance, bedroom or walk-in closet, Töjbox is the ideal wardrobe for all. Without complex assembly, Töjbox is as user-friendly as just leaning the wardrobe against the wall. 

純橡木製的Töjbox 充分體現設計師Michael Daae Christense一向著重設計的可持續性。兩種大小及顏色都經woodcare處理,所有細節均為精心設計,絕非隨意。Töjbox均適用於入口、臥室及步入式衣櫥。只要將Töjbox靠牆擺放便可,極其簡單的操作方式為該系列的獨特之處增添不少。

Designed by / 設計者 Made By Michael



Virka Sideboard

Designers Rasmus Røpke & Mark Wedel focus on the same things all the time - clean lines and functionality. Multifunctional Virka Sideboard can be standalone, as well as consistent with the whole atmosphere. Sliding doors are designed to be space-saving. Geometrical frame hovers Virka over the floor and gives a light and simple expression of timeless sideboard. Virka comes in both high and low heights to fit the sideboard seamlessly into the space.

Rasmus Røpke & Mark Wedel一向著重於簡單的線條以及作品的功能性。多功能節省位置的Virka Sideboard可以獨立使用,更可搭配其他風格的傢俬。Virka的幾何框架給予櫃身懸浮的錯覺,呈現輕盈簡便的感覺。兩種大小高度使Virka Sideboard完美無縫地融合整個家居。

Designed by / 設計者 Røpke Design & MOAKK


Annular Pendant

With the multi-disciplinary design of M-S-D-S, Annular Pendant refines the possibilities of classic cone pendant. Ring of light is attached perfectly under the perimeter. With the reminiscent of ring shaped light source, silhouette is eclipsed by the epoch of boldly graphic and resolutely contemporary. Annular is available in 2 sizes and 4 colours which gives all kinds of illusion in fusing to the space.

涉獵於多個範疇的M-S-D-S設計Annular Pendant的時候,為典型的錐形吊燈加入各種可能性。燈光附於其圓錐體的邊緣,其環狀的設計使光線擴散於整個空間。Annular配有2種大小及4種顏色,可完美融合與各種氛圍空間。

Designed by / 設計者 M-S-D-S



Weave collection

Experienced designer Marie-Louise Rosholm created The Weave collection in Denmark, Belgium and Bulgaria. Emphasising the classic weave patterns, the cushions comes in different sizes and 3 distinctive details: Diamond, Herringbone and Canvas. In order to keep waste to an absolute minimum, the studio has been using recycled materials for inner fluffy fillings of the cushion. Velvety surface, stand out zips and its round corners are selected carefully to embrace and comfy everyone.

Weave 系列由經驗老道的Marie-Louise Rosholm操刀,於丹麥、比利時及保加利亞設計及製造;系列以Diamond, Herringbone 及 Canvas組成。

Designed by / 設計者 Studio MLR


Pump Table Lamp

“Soul” has been the key of Jordi López Aguiló’s design. Cosy atmosphere is always great with a bit of fantasy given the pleasant and warm light from the Pump. With the inspiration from hot air balloons, Pump Table Lamp is floating in the air with the support of the black tubular steel structure as the base of a rocket to evanesce the shade of the white opal glass.

靈魂是Jordi López Aguiló設計的重心,為生活帶來一絲朝氣。Pump是以熱氣球為靈感的室內桌檯燈,浮於空中的白色橢圓球體由黑色的鋼管支撐,柔和的燈光及設計為舒適的環境帶來一點夢幻。

Designed by / 設計者 Kutarq Studio

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