Establo Interior Styling | 柏傲山 The Pavilia Hill

項目: 柏傲山
地址: 北角
單位大小: 745尺
年份: 2017
種類: 住宅
Project: The Pavilia Hill
Location: North Point
Size: 745 sq. ft.
Project Year: 2017
Type: Residential

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為了讓一家在客飯廳多停留相聚,細選的活動傢俱都包含木元素貫徹溫和的主調。在富踏實感的空間用餐或是詳談重要事務,以Transalpina延伸飯檯、Hee Welling大學時期的成名作 - 灰綠和白色的About A Chair及具存在感卻不喧賓奪主的淺灰色Bell吊燈組成,色彩跳脫同時不失優雅利落的形態,是來自西班牙及北歐的混合美學。

晨昏有時,燈帶由玄關飯廳延伸至客廳的天花,逐漸減少射燈分佈,落地玻璃的日夜分成。客廳的中心由華倫西亞的開朗隨性主宰,沙發前是以一抹柑橘清香點綴的灰白羊毛地毯Bandas Rug,寄寓人生要一同快樂地面對所有挑戰的信念,來自設計師Patricia Urquiola及其孩子的成長之路。

清晨陽光灑入客廳時,在淺灰色Connect組合沙發及收起邊角的3D Lounge Chair舒暢挑讀;

烈日炙烤時拉下白色透光窗簾,坐在地毯背靠貼地的沙發,各自在淡雅柔和的Airy Half茶几放上手提電腦專注工作,圓弧Tablo Table上置放零食飲料,經典的Eames Elephant旁跑跳玩耍;


為了放大保留孩子的真誠及喜悅,小天地的帳蓬及動物玩偶來自Ferm Living的孩童系列,是長大後還可呆坐稍息的空間及抱擁的咕𠱸。而檯凳則是小童版的Panton Chair及Aalto Table 和Stool,滿是設計大師Verner Panton、Alvar Aalto及妻子對家庭的溫馨想像。一件一件踏實地填滿每個空間,貼合對家庭生活的期盼,好好地共同成長。

香港北歐傢俬舖 #establohk

A family of three love to spend the precious live moment together and walk along the path of growth in a sanctuary. Traffic flow and use of materials are essential to determine how comfortably a home functions, where white and wood come as the major with brisk highlights from the foyer, dining area, living area to kids room piece by piece.

Passing through the doorway, repositories on the three sides direct you to the dining area. Keys and documents are kept on the letter trays on top of the wall-mounted shoes cabinet, all those pretty faces in frames and also private collections to be displayed in the glass doors cabinet. Also, a round edged full length shelving system in slightly darker shade of beige is built for books and documents that seldom flip over, toolbox and all those little things used in common.

To dine, to rest and to focus on important issues, the dining area comes with modern and elegant furnishings in the aesthetics from Spain and Denmark. Illuminating gentle yet focus light, a bold Bell lamp in grey is hung silently on top of the Transalpina extendable dining table and surrounded by four About A dining armchairs in moss green and white.

Life is not a perfectly tidy affair, so our biological clock and mental cycle differ from day to night. Stripe lighting scatters across the ceiling of the dining area to the living room, an open manner from Valencia is highlighted in the center of the living room with a few clementine stripes on the grey and white velcro Bandas rug. “Always happy with all the steps you overcome.” Patricia Urquiola, the designer of the Bandas rug mentioned like the energizing scents on the road of life.

Beauty hides in the most unlikely repositories of love and laughter, as well as places for solitude and rest. When the morning is slowly taking time, sunbeams sprinkle on the light grey Connect modular sofa and 3D lounge chair with edges pointed all away from the reader in a comforting manner;

When poached eggs are ready, pull down the transparent milky curtain and sit on the rug with the sofa side on your back. Focus on your productivity with laptop on Airy Half Side Table in an inspiring manner, snacks and drinks on the round edged Tablo Table, and pretties running around the design classics, Eames Elephant;

When the sun is soon out of light, adjust the direction of Grasshoppa floor lamp, snuggle up on the sofa and slowly turn into another cosy and quiet night for movies, laughter and revisions.

Pretties flutter and sing like little birds, tents and cushions magnify their honesty and happiness with the kids collection from Ferm Living, which save a safe place for blank out and hugs when they grow up. Imagining future with beloved ones, Panton Chair, Aalto Table and Stool also comes in children's versions apart from the classic typical sizes as an adult. One piece and another fill up the sanctuary on solid ground and we grow together throughout the process of interior styling and foreseeable road of life.

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Artek -  Children’s Table, Children’s Stool NE60
Gubi - 3D Lounge Chair
Muuto - Connect Sofa, Airy Half Coffee Table
Normann Copenhagen - Tablo Table
Punt - Transalpina Extendable Table
Vitra - Panton Junior, Eames Elephant
Hay - About A Chair

Gubi - Grashoppa Floor Lamp
Normann Copenhagen - Bell Pendant Lamp

Home Accessories:
Gan - Bandas Rug
Ferm Living - Hexagon Pot, Kids Tent, Cushion, Mr. Snake, Octopus


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