Tyde Single Table

Pre-Order Lead Time: 16 - 18 weeks
Designed by?Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, 2012

While sit-stand tables are generally only available for single workstations, Tyde extends this concept to offer the combined benefits of standing and sitting work postures to double workstations and conference tables.

Also available in?Sit-Stand Table (H650-1250mm),?Crank Table (H650-850 mm) and many other meeting table versions.

Includes GB Norm Electrification - feed cable, sound-absorbing cable tray (Polyester Fleece: Green, Sea Blue, Granite Grey, Grey/Stone).
Height Motor 220 - 250V, 650-1250mm

Table Top Size: 140 x 70, 160 x 80, 180 x 80, 180 x 90
Electric Height Adjustment 680 - 760mm?

Please confirm (1) Colour of Cable Tray with our team in charge. Cable PORT modules (e.g. USB charger, cable outlet), handset positioning (e.g. memory & display), other cable management (e.g. cable conduit, chain) are optional and excluded.?Contact us for confirming specifications and additions.