Canevas Geo Rug

Pre-Order Lead Time: 16 - 18 weeks
Designed by Charlotte Lancelot

由 Charlotte Lancelot 設計的 Canevas Geo 系列探討顏色間的細微差別,以及堆疊在一起的多樣化感覺。產品表面由多種顏色混合編織而成,衍生從高處望向農田的視覺效果,清爽而富現代感。系列包括地毯及靠墊產品。

A new dimension of cross stitch/ reinterpretation of the cross-stitch technique with wool yarns on perforated felt
A completely different application of the possibilities offered by the technique devised by Charlotte Lancelot for the Canevas collection. Using the same cross stitch technique produced with coloured wool threads on a perforated felt base, Canevas Geo explores the nuances of colour and the various effects achieved when they are superimposed on each other.

The colours in the weave intermix with each other on the Canevas Geo surface, recalling crop fields seen from the air. A composition with a truly fresh, contemporary look that has also opted for an asymmetric format in the shape of the rugs.

Fibre Composition: 100% wool
Total approx. weight: 3.8kg/ m2
Total approx. height: 20mm
Manufacturing technique: felted wool, embroidery

170 x 240cm

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