Echasse Vase

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Designed by Theresa Rand

設計師 Theresa Rand 由實驗室試管取得靈感,設計出由 Menu 出品的 Echasse Vase。水滴形的花瓶有著獨特的漸變色彩,與底座的硬朗線條形成對比,不論放置在書桌或客廳中均異常優雅;而其幾何平衡及物料運用更令產品獲得 2018 年 Wallpaper* Design Award 的肯定。

The first piece in the now-iconic series was inspired by laboratory test tubes. The drop-shaped form is as elegant when holding flowers on a desk, living room floor, or nightstand as it is when left unfilled. The unique colour gradients of the glass give the design depth and contrast against the legs' clean lines. A classic pairing to complement any interior palette, in a size ideal for more compact spaces.

Glass, solid brass

Small: Dia. 15/10 x H28 cm
Medium: Dia. 22/15 x H44.3 cm
Large: Dia. 30/20 x H60 cm