Paysages Rug

Pre-Order Lead Time: 16 - 18 weeks
Designed by Sebastien Cordoleani

A rug that captures the horizon
Paysages by Sebastien Cordoleani is inspired by the horizon where the sea meets a golden sun. This rug features beautifully vivid colours in stripes to mimic a rich turquoise sea and a bright sun at midday. It is made entirely by hand on a vertical loom and hand-knotted by expert craftsmen and women.

Fibre composition: 100% New Zealand wool
Total approx. weight: 4kg/ m2
Total approx. height: 15mm
Manufacturing technique: hand knotted
Knots/m2: 155,000

170 x 240cm (17.5kg)
200 x 300cm (25kg)

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