Unbound Floor Lamp

Pre-Order Leam Time: 14 - 16 weeks
Designed by Space Copenhagen, 2021

The Unbound Collection fulfils Space Copenhagen's ambition to create a practical but poetic lantern with a distinctive sculptural character that does not impose on the space around it. Instead, the lamps define and celebrate the scale of the room, populating dark corners and gathering the boundaries together.

The teardrop-shaped gray marble base of the lantern-inspired series acts as an anchor, embodying stillness and weight. A rotating white linen or natural canvas shade with the same shape appears weightless, vibrant and flighty in contrast aligning perfectly over the base only once in every 360º rotation and embodying asymmetry for the other 359º.

Shade - White Linen, Natural Canvas
Base: Grey Mable

H80: W17 x H80 cm
H120: W23 x H120 cm

Cord Length: 180 cm