Establo Lifestyle

Establo Experience

Establo is more than a place we buy and sell, but where you can find a lifestyle occupied with designer’s pieces, living and working in the city. We are offering a selected range of furniture, lightings, rugs and home accessories from some of the most exciting and emerging designers in Europe. Each product is carefully selected from all around the globe and come with a unique story with the pride of craftsmanship.

Created for design enthusiasts and professionals, our showroom is a constantly evolving space featuring the latest noteworthy brands and exciting events throughout the year. Let’s come and experience with them and start a different lifestyle with us! We are here to assist with your selection.

Our Mission

The Establo's vision is simple: to rich your interior space with designer creations that are timeless, beautiful and functional. Sustainability is a prerequisite – our carefully curated collection ranges from energy-saving designs to products created with natural materials and sophisticated furniture that is made to last.

Establo seeks to inspire through the fascinating stories behind enduring designs, providing unique perspectives for appreciation while redefining the traditional relationship between design, art, and life.


Establo 不只是一間售貨商店,而是一個讓你發現設計家具飾品、貼近你日常生活的生活概念空間。我們重視的是質量和多元化,展示並提供來自歐洲設計品牌、由名設計師及迅速冒起的新秀所設計的家具、燈飾、地毯和家品。在 Establo 裡,每件產品均經過精挑細選,每個設計背後均蘊藏著精糂的手藝。

我們的陳列室為美好設計愛好者及專業設計師而設,是一個分享 Establo 理念的理想空間。除展示我們喜愛的家具設計品牌外,陳列室亦能化作活動場地,推廣 Establo 的生活風格。

Establo 的理念很簡單,就是與人分享具有美學、歷久不衰且功能性強的設計師家品,融入並豐富人們的生活。我們同時重視可持續性,挑選符合環保、節能原則的產品,將綠色生活態度帶到日常生活之中。我們希望能與大家一起,從美好設計中獲得啟發,欣賞之餘亦重塑設計、藝術與生活三者間的緊密聯繫。