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How can I make sure the pre-order item is exactly what I want?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you accept installments or partially paid?
Do you offer any discount? How does the discount work?
Do you offer a trade discount for professionals?

About Brand and Product
How can I know that you are an official dealer?
What do you have on display?
Do you have custom-made furniture?
How to keep furniture in good condition?
Available on Google, why aren’t they listed here?

About Delivery and Shipping
Why does it take so long? When will my order be manufactured?
I might need to take a leave to receive my furniture. When will my order be delivered?
Where do you deliver and ship to?

About Showroom Visit
Can I visit your showroom?
How can I get to your showroom?
Why can't I find your entrance?

About Order and Payment

Q: How can I buy your furniture?
A: You can make a purchase on Establo web shop directly or visit our showroom in person with an appointment. Establo works with more than 20 brands over the years, most of the items are pre-order items. We only keep material samples from brands we work with and some of the popular ones on display.

Details of designs (price, size, design background, materials and most of the variants) are mentioned in the description on our web shop. If you’re dedicated to your own version: fabric, size, finishes etc, you can choose the item online in advance, contact us for a material sample and book a meeting with our team to feel the texture in person. Our team will assist you to make the pre-order online and double confirm the choices with you through email/ call.

Alternatively, if you are in a hurry, you can choose between stock and displayed items. All of them are available in store/ on our In Stock pages.

Kindly note that "free shipping" stated in checkout for orders placed with both pre-order and in stock items are combined to deliver after arrival of pre-order items, surcharges apply to any request for separate delivery. Term and condition applied.

Q: How can I make sure the pre-order item is exactly what I want?
A: You may reserve a time slot to meet us in person as to confirm the material sample and have a glance at photos provided by our partners, also our project reference. Our team will send you a sales confirmation about the details of your order: variants and quantity required, shipping methods, stock level at brand, etc.

Sales Confirmation is a mutual agreement on the deal, please double check every single detail stated including terms and conditions before signing the confirmation. We place your order according to the valid (signed) sales confirmation to ensure information accuracy. Please noted that no changes are allowed after sales confirmation is validated upon signature. Updates will be sent by email when your order status is available from brand suppliers and forwarders. Get in touch if you need assistance.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa and Master cards in the store and online shop; American Express, Paypal are only available online, while UnionPay is only available in store. We also accept bank deposit, whilst it might take extra time for internal process. Reach us by whatsapp 9406 7013 for bank account details.

Q: Do you accept instalments or partially paid?
A: Nope, we do not accept any partial deposits or instalments. Only full payment is accepted for all orders regardless of amount or project/ business scale. Your order will only be successfully processed, confirmed after payment is received at Establo’s account. Most importantly, the signed sales confirmation for both parties. Our team will then arrange orders with our brand suppliers and corresponding shipment. Details will be noticed after internal process and settlement.

Q: Do you offer any discount? How does the discount work?
A: Discount is applicable for all regular priced items based on net spending amount, enter the discount code listed below upon checkout. Note that discount and special offer cannot be accumulated and only one discount can be used per order, which cannot be used together with clearance, special and occasional offers that apply automatically during check out.

  • Beech [Code: BEECH-DISCOUNT]
  • 5% discount off when net spending over HK$5,000
  • Oak [Code: OAK-DISCOUNT]
    10% discount off when net spending over HK$10,000
  • Walnut [Code: WALNUT-DISCOUNT]
    12% discount off when net spending over HK$30,000
Terms and Conditions applied, Get in touch if you need any assistance.


Q: Do you offer a trade discount for professionals?
A: We do have a Professional Partnership Programme with certain discount rates and offers for designers, architects, tenders and contractors; case by case and project by project. Please contact our sales team with your business card, expected reply date, expected arrival date, any related information for tendering and quotation.

About Brand and Product

Q: How can I know that you are an official dealer?
A: The official list of dealers or retailers worldwide are available on official websites for your verification. However, they might not be updated at all time.
Apart from contacting the brand directly and waiting for a reply for like two weeks in a row, you may also make an inquiry as if the exact latest launches are available for pre-order to the stores that you’re frustrated with.

Under normal circumstances, official dealers receive notice and information like the date of available stock in Europe from the official portal and upcoming launched beforehand. Whereas, most of the designs from the brands should be available for pre-order, unless distribution rights are divided to other distributors according to areas and countries; like Vitra.

Establo International Group Limited was established in 2005 with a physical showroom from the beginning and web shop kicked off since the end of 2018. We love to share the philosophy and fascinating scene behind all the enduring masterpieces. We are here to provide one to one service to our beloved customers and interact with the beautifully crafted designs at appropriate pricing. You may also check our profile at Project Reference, and of course our social media. We always welcome respectful enquiry, please kindly note that any contracts or certificates between Establo and brands are not to be disclosed upon any request.

Q: What do you have on display?
A: We only keep some of the designs in our showroom, display items are changed from time to time and most of them are now available on our “outlet/clearance” page. Please have a glance before visiting us. We understand that you may want to try the piece in person and we would love to have touched every tiny corner of the masterpieces as well. Whilst, in reality it is not physically possible for displaying every single piece of designs over the period from 1930s to 2020's. As an oversea dealer, also the showroom of the brands themselves.

We are neither the manufacturer or the owner of the designs, we are here to be your "consultant" in terms of filtering what you like and what you are certainly not going with among all the brand partners. Please expect that there are no "real items" in our showroom, or we may say only curated pieces from each of the brand. You are going to take a look at tons of photos, videos, leaflets and project reference, with that you will absolutely feel better without expectations on trying every single piece in person.

No worries, we do keep material samples and reference photos that we have ordered which you could have a look for a quick quality check. If you wish to feel the texture in person, please make an appointment to save your private time slot and space for careful selection and one-to-one consultation. 

Q: Do you have custom-made furniture?
A: Fortunately, we work with more than 20 brands from Scandinavia and Spain, most of them offer a wide range of sizes, fabric and finishing choices. We are always here to assist you to choose the one that suits you the most, like certain fabrics/ finishing are better for what kind of circumstances.

Whereas, we provide custom-made loose furniture like shoes cabinets for home renovation like painting and interior styling projects, read more details here before reaching us in person or by email.

Q: I want to have my furniture last longer. What can I do to keep it clean and in good condition?
A: Most of the furnishings and brands here are known to be in a long lasting manner with sustainable sources of materials, ethical manufacturing and functional aesthetics. Details are available on the official website of all the brands we carry. Every single design has her own way of caring and handling. Please check our Maintenance, Care & Cleaning guides and get in touch if you are encountering difficulties.

Q: Some items from the brands you carry are available on Google, why aren’t they listed here?
A: As the brand's official dealer, we are able to order almost all of the designs from brands we work with. We are working on having most of the items available online which takes time. If you can’t see the one you are looking for, it might also be discontinued. Contact us if you can’t see your beloved one here yet.

About Delivery and Shipping

Q: Do all products take 3.5 - 4 months to deliver? Why does it take so long? When will my order be manufactured?
A: Fabrications of good designs take time. Scandinavian and Spanish designs are usually crafted manually in small batches. General lead time is only for your reference: Some preset fabric and size are available in stock at the brands’ warehouse, which takes shorter time to deliver than stated; while most of them are made-to-order items with production time vary from brands and products, some might take even longer time to manufacture.

We are happy to confirm the lead time and details like size/ finish/ material/ model before drafting the order for you manually, please take it slow, hang on a minute and make sure you are crystal clear before placing the pre-order.

Most of our orders are shipped by sea from Europe to Hong Kong, lead time (from production to your hands) normally takes around 3.5 - 4 months to arrive in Hong Kong. You may also consider by flight at your cost (approximately 1 - 2 months) as your shipping method from Europe to Hong Kong. Note that furniture does not walk or queue like human beings, every piece takes time to process from order placing, settlement, material sourcing for manufacturing, delivery availability from factory to airport, flight availability, etc.

Delay that out of our control is possibly happened due to holidays, global supply chain and shipping crisis (such as material supply disruption, port congestion, shipment reroute), which take extra 3 - 4 weeks or can take up to half a year. We will try our very best to meet your schedule and will keep you updated by Whatsapp and email when there is any notice from our shipping partners. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times. Please refer to our Delivery and Shipping Policy for further details.

Q: I might need to take a leave to receive my furniture. When will my order be delivered?
A: We deliver your orders through SF Express (mostly accessories) and or our Logistic Team (larger items like furniture). Tracking numbers will be provided through email once your order is passed to a third party delivery provider. If you wish to play safe and go with our Logistic Team, we will arrange the schedule and time slot with you by whatsapp/ call/ email, usually a morning/ afternoon. Changes are generally not accepted due to planned delivery routes and road uncertainties. Please make sure that you are fully available on the confirmed date and mentioned hours.

Q: Where do you deliver and ship to?
A: Free delivery for orders over $800 is only applicable to the Hong Kong areas, excluded outlying islands. Extra delivery fee will be applied to remote areas. Please check our Delivery and Shipping Policy for further details.

Delivery to Taiwan, Macau, Mainland China is available with shipping cost calculated separately. Contact us by email with your interested products, delivery address and expected arrival time to fasten the process of calculation and quotation.

About Showroom Visit

Q: Can I visit your showroom?
A: Yes, of course. Our showroom is located at D6B, 7/F, Block B, TML Tower, 3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan by appointment only. We open on Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm, Saturday 12nn - 6pm and stay tuned for opening hours update regarding public holidays.

For the sake of your health and wellness, please make an appointment through Facebook/ Instagram Inbox, Call 35655207/ Whatsapp 94067013 to reserve and ensure your time slot is not occupied. Showroom walk-in is temporarily not accepted, thank you for your understanding.

Q: How can I get to your showroom?
A: You may take public transport to Chai Wan Kok Street or Tsuen King Circuit Flyover and take around 4 - 7 minutes walk to TML Tower. TML tower has its own parking lot as well, parking fee is to be confirmed at arrival.

Q: Why can't I find your entrance?
A: Our entrance is at Block B, you may not be able to find the way if you take the wrong lift to other blocks. If you are coming by public transport, please take Block B lift in the lobby. If you are coming from the parking lot, please take Lift L17.