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Stackable Glass by Norm is likely to be your new everyday/fine-day/fancy-dinner-day glass. Lovely in its aesthetics, clever in style and a nice companion by all tables. The mouth-blown glasses are all unique in their own way and available in three different sizes: 6oz, 9oz and 11oz - well suited sizes for juice, wine, beer or water.

So special you will want to use them everyday, these mouth-blown glasses work for daytime, evening, guests and solo evenings curled in front of the fire with a whisky. Their slender shape makes them a pleasure to hold and drink from. The glasses also stackable, making them eminently practical. But don’t let that put you off. “Practical design is sometimes destined to be soulless,” say Norm Architects. “But we wanted to challenge that. It doesn’t have to look dull.”

Non-leaded Soda-lime Silica Glass
Dish-washer safe

6 oz: 2.75" H x 3.15" DIA
9 oz: 3.74" H x 3.15" DIA
11 oz: 4.72" H x 3.15" DIA