21 Pendant Lamp

Pre-order Lead Time: 6 - 8 weeks

製坯在工序中需要嚴謹的控制及規範,向來獨闢蹊徑不太喜歡規範妥協的他們選擇將土壓成片,再摺做喇叭狀讓坯自行發揮成形。21有彎曲的噴砂硼矽玻璃核心,並以透薄瓷片飾面隨著核心垂下 。白瓷表面讓光線隨微捲的形態柔和四散,數件同時懸掛讓21互相觸碰成立體具層次的光線,是一張沒有刻畫任何文字圖案的白紙,靠近一探究竟各人自有不同的解讀。

As always, the procedure of making each piece is completely unique from another piece. Porcelain is very highly controlled in most applications, which does not really allow what one really wants to do. In 21, they let porcelain do its own. Row out a sheet of porcelain that has inconsistent thickness and fold it over like a trumpet form that fits inside.
Omer Arbel’s favourite part of 21 was like the more they touch each other the better the piece looks. 21 is designed to emit light and reflect light, that is very nice and lightweight with super head quality porcelain, which the reflective and absorptive qualities of the material really showcase the quality of light.

21 results from a fabrication process in which thin porcelain sheets are draped over an inverted diffuser made of sandblasted borosilicate glass. The thin porcelain skin is allowed to dress the borosilicate core in whatever form occurs naturally – creating a unique shape in every iteration of the fabrication process.

Each glass diffuser houses a low-voltage xenon or LED lamp. A strong contrast occurs between the soft, organically distributed light passing through the white porcelain skin and the crisp light moving through the glass diffuser. 21s are designed to cluster in groups, with individual pieces touching each other to create a layered composition in three dimensions.

Made in Vancouver
porcelain, borosilicate glass, braided metal coaxial cable, electrical components

brushed nickel canopy (21.1, 21.1m, 21.3, 21.3 cluster, 21.5)
white powder coated canopy (21.1, 21.3, 21.3 cluster, 21.5)
white polyurethane canopy (21.1mi/mo)

Lamp: Dia.116mm
21.1: shallow brushed nickel/ white powder coated canopy Dia.116 x D7mm
21.1 deep: deep brushed nickel/ white powder coated canopy Dia.116 x D40mm
21.3: brushed nickel/ white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm
21.3 cluster: brushed nickel/white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm

21.5: brushed nickel/white powder coated canopy Dia.152 x D32mm

21.1m: mini brushed nickel canopy Dia.30 x D11mm
21.1mi: mini innie white polyurethane canopy (mud-in). Dia.35 - 88 x D35mm
21.1mo: mini outie white polyurethane canopy Dia.38 x D16mm

COAX: adjustable. 3000mm

Light Source:
1.5w LED, 2500k or 20w xenon

**21.1m/mi/mo require power supplies to be remote mounted.
*Please contact Establo for extra coax lengths